What is the Buyer's Journey?

The Buyer's Journey is the process of actively seeking out a potential consumer to become a sale of our product or service.

This video will help explain the concept:

Knowing the phases that the user goes through before finishing the purchase process is fundamental. That is why Buyer's Journey is one of the fundamental tools of Inbound Marketing.

What is my Buyer's Journey?

Our objective is to provide the target user or Buyer's Person with the best content in each of these phases so that they can be taken to the final purchase or contracting. To do this it will be essential to select the best content and call to action, which will take them from one phase to another naturally

This process has three phases, let's see it better with an example:

If our business provides complete web design and optimization services to e-commerce platforms and we want to win over a potential client we will have to provide them with what they are looking for in each of the phases of the Buyer's Journey:


Our potential client perceives that their e-commerce sales are stagnating or even starting to drop. He begins to search the Internet for the causes of his problem. In this phase we must offer him a post with tips to boost sales in an ecommerce.


Now that you know what your problem is, and are considering possible solutions, it's time to offer you useful content that will help you choose the best solutions for your problem. It's time to send you an ebook with keys to optimize a website.


In the final stage, we must offer a tangible solution, which is just what you are looking for and which will lead you to a future hiring. For example, a free web evaluation trial.

In short, it is a matter of being by the user's side in each of the stages in order to provide him with the information he needs at all times. This is not an easy task, in fact it is almost utopian, so we must work on our lead nurturing strategy. This is how we will gain your trust, and it will facilitate the final conversion.

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