What is Branded Content?

Branded Content consists of generating content linked to a brand that allows that brand to connect with the consumer, so it is very useful in an Inbound Marketing or content strategy.

This video will help illustrate the concept:

How does Branded Content arise?

Some time ago, brands stopped being an entity that only manufactured products or offered a service to its client and began to generate content.

It is designed primarily to convey values, emotions, ways of thinking and elements, perhaps less tangible, but with a properly constructed storytelling can be able to generate that connection. In other words, the objective of Branded Content is to generate brand awareness and affinity (branding) rather than to concretely sell a product or service.

A clear example of Branded Content is the case of Popeye, which arose from the need of the U.S. Chamber of Spinach Producers to promote the consumption of spinach in children of the generation of the thirties and, in the end, they came up with the idea of developing a comic strip of a muscular sailor who became strong when eating spinach.

It's all about understanding the needs of the user and giving them what they need. If you do it right, your Branded Content will be your best ally to make your user fall in love forever.

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