22 X Statistics to Know

In the ever-shifting landscape of social media, X has long stood as a digital titan, a platform where thoughts are shared, trends are set, and conversations flow like a river. Formerly known as Twitter, X has embraced a new identity while continuing to shape the way we connect and engage in the digital age.

As we embark on the journey through “22 X Statistics to Know in 2023,” we uncover the data and insights that define this platform’s dynamic presence in our lives. So, let’s explore the numbers and narratives that make X an indelible part of our digital tapestry.

X General Statistics

In this section, we delve into the overarching numbers that define X’s presence in 2023, from its massive monthly user base to its impressive annual revenue. These X General Statistics provide a comprehensive snapshot of the platform’s standing in the digital landscape.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

In January 2023, X recorded a staggering 436 million monthly active users (MAU), marking a substantial increase from December 2022’s 366 million. This notable growth signifies X’s resurgence and renewed popularity, with more users turning to the platform for various purposes, from news consumption to social interactions.

Global Influence

X stands as the 14th most popular social media network globally, affirming its significant impact on the social media landscape. While it may not clinch the top spots, its widespread user base and cultural influence ensure that it remains a powerful player in the social media arena, serving as a vital platform for discourse and connectivity worldwide.

Financial Strength

X has generated an impressive $5.08 billion in revenue, demonstrating its enduring relevance and advertising prowess. This substantial revenue figure underscores X’s appeal to advertisers and its ability to monetize its platform effectively, ensuring its continued financial stability and growth.

Ownership Status

X remains privately held, affording it the flexibility to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with autonomy. As a privately owned platform, X has the freedom to innovate, experiment, and pivot as needed without the scrutiny that often accompanies public ownership, allowing it to adapt to evolving user preferences and market trends.

X Usage Statistics

In this section, we explore the best times to post, average brand engagement rates, and how X excels as the number one platform for discoverability. This data offers crucial insights for marketers seeking to effectively harness the platform’s power.

Monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAU)

X boasts a remarkable 237.8 million monetizable daily active users (mDAU), which accounts for 55% of its total user base. This figure reflects a dedicated and highly engaged audience that frequents the platform regularly.

Average Daily Usage

On an average day, X users spend approximately 34.8 minutes on the platform. This substantial daily time commitment showcases X’s ability to captivate its users and hold their attention, surpassing the average daily usage time on other platforms like Facebook.

Worldwide Daily Engagement Ranking

X stands tall as the third most-used social network worldwide in terms of daily engagement. While it might trail behind TikTok and YouTube in daily usage, this ranking underscores X’s substantial presence and its potential to serve as a valuable platform for brands looking to grow their online communities and engage with new, highly committed followers.

X User Statistics

The heart of X lies in its users, and this section unveils the demographics and behaviors that define them. From gender distribution to age demographics, X User Statistics shed light on who populates the platform in 2023 and how they interact with it.

Gender Distribution

X’s user base exhibits a gender distribution of 56.4% male and 43.6% female. It’s important to note that gender is not binary, but available data sources primarily categorize users as male or female.

Age Demographics

A significant 38.5% of X users fall within the age range of 25 to 34 years old. This age group represents a substantial portion of X’s active user base.

Geographic Distribution

X enjoys substantial popularity in countries like the United States, Japan, and India, where it maintains a strong user presence. Its global reach allows brands to tap into diverse markets and audiences.

Cross-Platform Engagement

X users are not confined to a single platform. They often engage across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This cross-platform behavior highlights the interconnectedness of social media users.

Education and Income

Impressively, one-third of X’s user base holds a college degree and reports an annual income exceeding $75,000. This data underscores the platform’s appeal to a highly-educated and financially well-off audience.

Sentiment Trends

X users are vocal about their experiences on the platform. Recent sentiment trends show mixed feelings, with negative sentiments expressed toward platform glitches, some new features, user privacy concerns, and the proposed paywall. However, overall sentiment remains positive, emphasizing the platform’s enduring legacy and user loyalty.

X Advertising Statistics

Advertising on X has its unique nuances, and in this section, we dive deep into the numbers that matter for brands and marketers. Let us now discover X’s annual ad revenue, cost per engagement, and its compelling case for advertising inclusivity, especially for the cannabis industry.

Annual Ad Revenue

X’s annual ad revenue reached a substantial $1.41 billion, representing a notable 24% increase year over year. This figure underscores the platform’s appeal to advertisers and its ability to generate substantial advertising revenue.

Cost per Engagement and Ad Engagement Trends

The cost per engagement on X increased by 39% from 2020 to 2021, reflecting evolving dynamics in the advertising landscape. During the same period, ad engagement rates decreased by 12%. These shifts highlight the need for advertisers to adapt their strategies to maximize their ROI on the platform.

Ad View Time

X boasts an ad view time that is 26% higher than other leading social media platforms. This extended ad view time presents an opportunity for advertisers to engage and connect with their target audience more effectively on the platform.

Industry Inclusivity

X stands out as the only major social platform to permit cannabis advertising, offering unique opportunities for brands in this niche. This inclusivity underscores X’s commitment to providing diverse advertising options and catering to a broad spectrum of industries.

X Business Statistics

Businesses of all sizes leverage X for growth and engagement. In this section, we explore how X serves as a powerful customer service hub and why it’s a dynamic space for brands to connect with their audiences. These X Business Statistics highlight the diverse roles that X plays in today’s digital ecosystem.

Best Time to Post

To maximize the impact of your X marketing strategy’s impact, post during peak engagement hours is crucial.

The best times to post on X are generally Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon. However, it’s advisable to fine-tune your posting schedule to align with the specific preferences and habits of your industry and target audience.

Average Brand Engagement Rate

On X, the average brand engagement rate hovers around 0.04%. While this figure may seem relatively low when compared to other platforms, it’s important to note that X’s fast-paced nature allows brands to post frequently, creating more opportunities for engagement.


X takes the lead as the number one platform for discoverability. Its unique ability to expose brands to an audience eager to explore new products and trends sets it apart in the social media landscape.

Early Adoption Potential

A remarkable 53% of X users are more likely to be early adopters who are the first to try and buy new products. This presents a significant opportunity for brands to tap into this innovative and receptive audience.


As we wrap up our exploration of “22 X Statistics to Know in 2023,” one fact becomes crystal clear: it’s a dynamic force that continues to shape our digital world. From its staggering user base to its pivotal role in discoverability, X embodies the spirit of constant evolution.

As we move forward, X promises to be more than a platform—it’s a reflection of our interconnected world, ever-ready to capture the next big trend and ignite the next meaningful dialogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is X’s current user base in 2023?

X boasts an impressive 436 million monthly active users (MAU) as of January 2023, reflecting substantial growth from the previous year.

2. How does X’s ad engagement compare to other platforms?

X’s average brand engagement rate stands at 0.04%, while its ad view time is 26% higher than leading competitors, offering a unique advertising proposition.

3. When is the best time to post on X?

For optimal engagement, aim to post on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon, though it’s wise to tailor your posting schedule to your specific audience and industry.

4. What sets X apart in terms of discoverability?

X reigns as the number one platform for discoverability, making it an ideal space for brands looking to gain exposure to an eager and trend-seeking audience.

5. How is X utilized for customer service and care?

X isn’t just for marketing; it’s a crucial hub for customer service, with 15% of users and 32% of brands using it to address customer inquiries and concerns, spanning all stages of the marketing funnel.