Asana, A Simple Review

So, you are considering Asana.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

Asana features

All important projects involve groups of people coming together to achieve a shared goal. Asana is a tracking and project management software that allows teams to collaborate on tasks and track progress. It simplifies communication and data sharing, allowing you; to stay up-to-date with the latest project requirements.

Here are some exclusive features of Asana:

  • Workflow builder: Asana provides visual tools to efficiently create workflows that simplify your execution and management tasks, helping your teams stay connected from initiation to completion. With the workflow builder, you can systemize; the information intake and capture ideas more easily.
  • Workload management: With Asana’s coherent workload management, you can ensure your teams are not overwhelmed by the tasks and can easily schedule their work. Project managers can get a clear overview of what’s happening inside the workspace to promote balance.
  • Resource Allocation: It allows you to reassign high-priority tasks to more suited employees with just a few clicks. You can easily analyze the current progression and send the relevant details to the assigned personnel for a seamless transition.
  • Views and Reporting: Asana provided real-time analytics and insights through AI-powered reporting tools that assist you in setting realistic objectives for your teams. You can specify the criteria and generate reports to see progress across projects.
  • Project Synchronization: It enables users to see contextual information regarding the same task across different project teams without duplications. So project managers can assess the employee’s work performance.
  • Data security enhancement: Asana allows you to export data to a dedicated server for your business, boosting network security. Users can easily delete or reset their current workspaces to start anew effortlessly.
  • Mobile accessibility: Asana is accessible from iOS and Android devices to help you stay on top of project management anytime, anywhere. You can update task status, check schedules and have conversations with your teams.
  • Robust rest API: Asana supports seamless integration with several reporting tools and allows automation; to quickly execute tasks across other platforms. You can connect GitHub, Harvest and Slack to track project status or view any recent code edits.

Asana Pricing

Asana offers 3 Pricing options for users to serve their unique project management requirements.

The “Basic” plan is for individuals or businesses looking to get started with Asana and understand its core function. It’s a free subscription plan that provides rudimentary features of Asana.

The “Premium” plan provides access to Asana’s “Workflow Builder” and lets users create multiple timelines within the interface to manage and reassign overlapping tasks. It is priced; at $10.99/user/month upon annual billing.

The “Business” plan is for enterprises looking to maintain scalability and handle the huge workload. It provides access to all exclusive features of Asana. “Business” plan is priced; at $24.99/user/month upon annual billing.

Asana Discount and Coupons

Asana offers a 50% Discount on its “Premium” and “Business” plan for nonprofit organizations upon annual subscription. You can use the discount offer for membership renewal or first-time purchases. Asana currently does not provide any offers or coupons for profitable businesses.

Asana Free Trial

Asana offers a 30-day free trial of its “Premium” subscription plan; without any buying obligations. You can simply signup through your company email or Google account, mention your requirements and start using Asana. Upon the end of the free trial, you can buy choose between the “Premium” and “Business” subscriptions or continue availing the intrinsic features with the “Basic” plan.

Asana, a short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Asana account, you will get redirected to the homepage, where you can track the project status, see upcoming tasks and change views to get a better outlook.

The leftmost side of the screen hosts the menu bar that is crucial to navigate through Asana’s tools and features.

Similarly, there’s a secondary menu option above your workspace that allows you to switch between views, move to Dashboard or create workflows.

Click on “Workflow” to create forms submissions or templates that simplify your teams’s tasks by standardizing repetitive processes. You can determine what happens to a task when you move it to a specific workflow.

Click on “Dashboard” to get a rundown of your current schedule, see upcoming tasks and get a graphic representation of your projects.

To access conversations within a workspace, click on the “More” tab beside the “Dashboard” and select “messages”.

You can change the project status by clicking on the “Set status” and selecting the relevant option from the drop-down menu.

Click on the information icon to view project details, team objectives and added members. Navigate to the main menu bar on the leftmost side and click on “Portfolios” to monitor task status and team-member workload across different projects.

Click on “Reporting” to access the analytical tools and inspect the ongoing operations or an employee’s performance with real-time data.

Click on the profile icon to switch between Workspaces, access the admin panel, activate “Harvest time tracking”, or make subscription changes to your account.

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