6 Best Project Management Software for Agencies

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So, you are in the market for a project management software that suits agencies.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Project Management Software specifically for Agencies

Agencies are usually service-oriented businesses that take up projects from other firms. A Project management software that enables swift communication with clients and allows you to manage multiple projects through intelligent workflows will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best project management software for agencies:

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a highly effective project management software that allows users to collaborate and track project status whether working closely or remotely. You can access all interactions and project data within a single platform and transform the way you pursue tasks.

Basecamp Features

Here are some exclusive features of Basecamp:

Scalability: Unlike most project management tools, Basecamp does not charge organizations based on the number of users, helping you control costs while your business scales. So as your business requirements increase, Basecamp will start becoming more cost-effective for your operations.

Campfire: Campfire is the team chat feature offered by Basecamp; that connects you with your colleagues and team members. You can conversate, share documents or send links to reports in a two-way communication channel.

Automatic Check-ins: Basecamp allows users to create automatic check-in schedules to get regular task updates from their employees or subordinates. Basecamp will ask the inputted question on the set periods and organize the responses so you can go through them easily.

Client access: With Basecamp, you can add clients into relevant workspaces so they can oversee the progress. You can decide what is visible to your clients by setting a task status as “Team only” or “Client view”. If you accidentally share an ongoing project or a private file, you can simply switch the task status to keep it from the clients.

Scheduling: You can design milestones and integrate them into the calendar. So you don’t miss out on crucial deadlines or events. Moreover, Basecamp allows you to personalize the notifications. So you are not bombarded with work mails or reminders outside your work hours.

Cascading Notifications: Basecamp identifies which device you are using currently and sends project notifications on that device. If you’re on a laptop or a desktop, you’ll not get updates on your mobile and vice versa. It streamlines your work updates and helps you stay organized.

Trix: Basecamp offers a no-code text editor consistent with all devices. You can create content, write HTML codes for your website or drag in files and images from the database to simplify text editing tasks.

Colorcoding: With colorcoding, you can highlight valuable; documents, images or files to make them easily identifiable. It eliminates the need to scour through the entire database or project lifecycle to locate a relevant record.

Basecamp Pricing

Basecamp offers 2 Pricing options for users looking to incorporate efficient project management software into their personal life or business.

The “Basecamp Personal” provides 1GB storage and allows you; to add up to 20 users. You can manage 3 Projects simultaneously with this plan. It’s a free subscription plan and is perfect for students of small-scale businesses.

The “Basecamp Business” provides you complete access to all available functionalities of Basecamp; You can add unlimited users without paying any extra amount. It is priced; at $99/month.

2. FuntionFox

FunctionFox provides simple power tools for your team that help you increase control and perform at high efficiency. It makes time tracking convenient and delivers expected results to help you execute more tasks. FunctionFox streamlines your workflow with easy to access project details and helps you plan for tomorrow.

FunctionFox Features

Here are some exclusive features of FunctionFox:

Project Blog: FunctionFox’s Project Blog makes it effortless to communicate with your team about specific projects. FunctionFox offers 2 Project blog pages for client-level information and project details. You can add comments to these blogs, and your team members can view these comments to get a thorough understanding of both clients and projects.

Project Estimates: Many creative teams set budgets for their projects and want to track their team’s time against that budget. Whether it is comparing it to a quote you gave to your client or information you just want to keep internally, It is data worth recording. You can find out if you’re spending more time in a certain area or underestimating the project duration. FunctionFox’ Estimates can assist you in this and help you avoid data inconsistencies.

Project Costs: Actual business expenses need tracking, and having them inside one system can make reporting more convenient. When it comes time to invoice or track expenses against a project, you can use FunctionFox’s project costs. Additionally, you can associate a person on your team with the project cost so you can easily reimburse them later.

Availability: Understanding the available hours of your team can make scheduling and forecasting work much more accurate. Availability in FunctionFox allows you to see who on your team is overworked and underutilized and ensures you have the resources to take on new projects.

Flink: Flink is a file-sharing add-on inside FunctionFox that enables you to attach files from the project blog while assigning actions. You can make attachments related to the project or client to give your team members a thorough understanding of the job.

Retainers: Being able to track retainers in real-time provides insight into whether you are under servicing or over-servicing your clients. FunctionFox allows you to create retainers under every project and client tab. It enables you to see high-priority prospects and provide better services.

FunctionFox Pricing

FunctionFox offers 3 Pricing options based on your specific project and business requirements.

The “Classic” plan is priced: at $35/month for the first user and an additional $5/month for every other user.

The “Premier” plan is priced: at $50/month for the first user and an additional $10/month for every other user.

The “In-House” plan is priced: at $150/month for the first user and an additional $20/month for every other user.

You can add up to 25 Users in the above subscription plans. Contact the sales team for a price quotation if you plan on using FunctionFox beyond 25 users.

3. Nifty

Nifty reduces project development cycles by providing all relevant tools to handle the project from initial stages to completion within a single platform. It’s a project management software that promotes milestone-driven progress and enhances team productivity by keeping users inspired.

Nifty Features

Here are some exclusive features of Nifty:

Project Portfolios Management: Nifty allows you to control participation by providing full control over the project’s privacy. You can move a project across portfolios and alter portfolio ownership to tailor the workspace according to your requirements.

Time Tracking: With Nifty, you can avoid switching between multiple tools for time tracking as it provides an inbuilt feature to track “time spent on a task” and billable hours of your employees. You can perform detailed breakdowns to get a deeper insight into a team member’s logged hours. Moreover, you can also track hours from a team’s perspective to efficiently manage workload.

Reporting: Nifty’s reporting tools enable you to view tasks cognate to every project’s milestones. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing operations. So you can get a detailed overview of what’s happening with your projects.

Discussion Facilitation: You can easily set up a knowledge hub within Nifty to enable thorough discussions that facilitate efficient and effective decision making. Nifty also allows users to have; one-on-one interactions with project members or create threads to answer FAQS. Nifty turns your discussions into actions enabling you to create new tasks from the conversation channel.

Agile Project management: Nifty offers you a flexible approach for project management so you can complete tasks quickly and finish more projects. You can create project specifications and provide an actionable context to your managers.

Workflow Automation: With workflow automation, you can provide your employees with necessary assistance by automating repetitive tasks so they can complete assignments on time. Moreover, your developers can customize the Nifty dashboard to fit their requirements.

Client management: Unlike other project management tools, Nifty allows you to connect with your clientele and submit periodic reports with the project status. It streamlines communication and enables you to gather feedback from the client while the project is still ongoing.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty offer 5 Pricing options for businesses to; simplify project management and track employee work-rate.

The “Free” plan allows you to add several team members without any limitations and provides a 100MB storage space. It is a free subscription plan and is best for personal requirements.

The “Starter” plan includes all intrinsic features of Nifty and kicks up the storage space to 100GB. It is priced; at $49/month.

The “Pro” plan is best for scaling teams and offers unlimited project creation abilities. It is priced; at $99/month.

The “Business” plan is tailor-made for businesses with advanced requirements and provides Open API. It is priced; at $149/month.

The “Unlimited” plan is a fully scaled solution for enterprises and unlocks the maximum potential of Nifty. It is priced; at $499/month.

4. Airtable

Airtable provides your organization flexibility to work. It fastens your workflows and maintains a constant flow of information. So everyone within the organization is aware of the project demands. Additionally, it allows users to personalize the interface as they see fit and allows them to work more efficiently.

Airtable Features

Here are some exclusive features of Airtable:

Custom Interfaces: Airtable offers a unique way to collaborate and work with its custom interfaces. It provides an interface designer that enables you to turn the information stored in your Airtable base into custom interactive interfaces. Within an organization, every employee has unique requirements depending upon profile and project needs. So a common interface is not always the most efficient way of carrying out the work. With custom interfaces, your employees can choose what their Airtable base looks like and simplify collaboration by surfacing the relevant data.

Multi-source Sync: Airtable allows you to aggregate; multiple sources within its interface. So you can effortlessly switch between information channels. With Multi-source sync, you can import crucial workflows and project details from a different database. You can create a standard review process or universal statuses for your design team regardless of the asset source.

Page Designer: Airtable offers a page designer that allows you to create a custom layout and display every record in your Airtable interface. You can build catalogues and invoices efficiently by preparing your base according to your specific requirements. It makes a unique record for each individual campaign, making it easily accessible for your teams, reducing the downtime between scouring for relevant slides and printing out the data.

Button Fields: Airtable’s Button Fields allow you to build clear calls to action in your workflows. It can assist you in launching a web page and integrates with your basic apps. So you can contact a client or view project statuses with just a single click of a button. You can set buttons to open drafts for any piece of content in a table by simply creating a button field.

Automations: Airtable’s automation allows you to centralize your workflows and increase the processing speed. With automation, you can create custom rules that run automatically according to set triggers and the corresponding actions. It’s highly beneficial to end the repetitive tasks and helps your employees focus on more rewarding issues. So they can quickly complete the project.

Airtable Pricing

Airtable offers 4 Pricing options for users depending upon their unique requirements.

The “Free” plan is free to use and offers individual freelancers or small businesses adequate tools to carry out their projects efficiently.

The “Plus” plan is priced at $12/seat/month and offers custom branded forms plus automatic table syncing.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $24/seat/month and offers 7 Sync integrations plus Gantt and Timeline views. You also get table editing permissions and can build your custom interface.

The “Enterprise” plan offers all functionalities of the Airtable and is best for large functional organizations. You can contact the sales team to get a price quotation for this package.

5. Workfront

Workfront allows you to manage global operations and complex tasks, enabling you to deliver measurable outcomes at a rapid pace. It orchestrates and executes work across the enterprise, helping you connect strategies across various checkpoints. Workfront supports different work methodologies, helping your team stay productive with automated workflows and engaged by personalizing the way they work.

Workfront Features

Here are some exclusive features of Workfront:

Flexibility: Workfront is built to help all industries, whether they’re more focused on marketing or the technical aspect. It provides solutions for all businesses by letting users personalize the systems according to their preferences. With Workfront, your teams can avoid burnout and deliver their best work without any degradation in quality.

Integrations: Workfront offers several integrations to help you unify your project management tools in a single platform. Additionally, it ties up with Adobe creative cloud so you can update documents or fulfil tasks from Photoshop or other Adobe powered applications. Workfront’s seamless integrative ability ensures you don’t waste your time switching between systems.

Security: Workfront recognizes that system security is essential for effective project management tools. It uses high-end AES 256-bit encryption to protect data from any mischievous elements and ensure privacy. Additionally, Workfront doesn’t store the customer data on unencrypted devices, making you; completely immune to system hacking.

Work Management: Workfront connects your strategic processes to the delivery and ensures you can perform the right actions at every level. It provides automated workflows and reporting tools that can help you forecast the entire lifecycle of a project. Workfront reduces time spent on repetitive tasks by enabling your teams; to seamlessly collaborate on various issues. You can prioritize projects nearing the deadline date and adopt a goal-oriented approach to your work.

Services and support: Workfront provides guidance and support to your organization so you can sustain your scaling operations. With the on-demand training and consulting services, you can utilize Workfront to suit your organization’s requirements and optimize your personal platform to elevate your success.

Scenario Planner: Workfront’s Scenario Planner allows you; to continuously scheme your business operations and successfully acclimatize to new market conditions. You can create several scenarios for how a project will play out with minimal input and compare them to choose the best route. It helps you become more insightful regarding your projects.

Workfront Pricing

Workfront offers 3 Subscriptions plans with varying pricing options based on your business requirements.

The “Enterprise” plan comes with advanced support plus premium APIs and Integrations. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The “Business” plan allows you to set unlimited reviewers for projects and perform enhanced analytics. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The “Pro” plan provides efficient resource management plus content and review proposal capabilities. You can request pricing from the sales team.

6. Scoro

Scoro eliminates the requirement to use several apps and spreadsheets to manage your work. It stops your team fragmentation by providing a clear understanding of the company’s vision and priorities. Scoro compiles every aspect of your business and avoids chaotic interruptions.

Scoro Features

Here are some exclusive features of Scoro:

Real-time Gantt Charts: With teams workings on dozens of projects, changes in availability and disruptions have a massive influence on the actual timeline of projects. It can result in double bookings or unmet deadlines. With Scoro’s Real-time Gantt charts, you can do high-level planning and process all granular details enabling you to make faster decisions based on team availability. Whenever a plan needs to be adjusted, all scheduled activities are updated automatically according to your team’s actual availability.

Scoro Dashboard: Scoro’s Dashboard allows you to add metrics from the library to filter the results more thoroughly. You can set benchmarks to track progress and ensure your metrics, conversions, charts and actionable items can be accessed deftly. Scoro allows full customization; to let you dictate what details you want to see in your dashboard.

Scoro Planner: Scoro’s Planner endows you with full control over the planning and execution of your team’s tasks. You can organize unplanned tasks or make necessary last-minute changes; to further enhance the project’s implementation. Within the Planner, you can see which employees are overbooked and who has time for more work. Scoro’s Planner automatically splits the longer tasks and assigns them within the next available time slots.

Scoro Purchases: Scoro helps you conveniently manage purchases. So you are always in total command of your costs and supplier relations. With purchase orders, you can track the services or products you’ve booked. Once confirmed and delivered, you can effortlessly manage costs by turning them into payable bills. Scoro enables you to use multiple currencies and easily mark the original purchase order.

Scoro Reports: Scoro provides insanely thorough reports about every minute aspect of your project or business. All calendars and tasks are automatically compiled: into work reports in a nicely summarized and highly detailed form. In addition, you’ll know exactly how every asset of your business is utilized, whether for evaluating past performance or planning ahead. With Scoro Reports, you can view whether there are enough deals in your sales funnel and the revenue margins of your business.

Scoro Pricing

Scoro offers 3 Pre-defined pricing options and 1 Customizable subscription.

The “Essential” plan is priced at $20/user/month and provides detailed work reports and full dashboard capabilities. It requires a minimum of 5 users.

The “Standard” plan is priced at $42/user/month and provides an advanced Gantt chart plus a time tracker. It requires a minimum of 5 users.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $71/user/month and offers a Scoro planner plus a task matrix. It requires a minimum of 5 users.

The “Ultimate” plan’s pricing depends upon your project requirements. It offers single sign-on and unlimited custom fields with WIP reports.

Why use Project Management Software at all?

In today’s age, businesses are competing ferociously: to win client projects and efficiently manage them. One wrong step or a sudden complexity can ruin your deadlines and negatively impact your work rate. Project management software allows you to create roadmaps for your teams. So they can swiftly implement the strategies and provide quality solutions.

With project management software, you empower your employees with analytical and automation tools that make it easier to focus on high-priority tasks and monitor the overall project status. You can automate recurring issues to save time and concentrate your efforts on complex issues.

Why should agencies use project management software?

Running an agency is a complex job. You have to serve many roles and deal with demanding clients; to maintain your business revenue.

As you grow, efficiency becomes hard to attain, and you simply can’t deliver great work at scale without improving the way your team manages projects.

Project management software enables you to start every project with defined goals and parameters. It simplifies the planning phase by allowing you to set a vision for the issues and deadlines.

You can log all details in a centralized place, and your project teams can view that information to start working accordingly. Project management software systemizes your objectives and breakdown tasks into smaller deliverables.

You can analyze a project’s intrinsic details and analyze; how many resources you need to allocate towards a certain task to stay on time. You can set realistic timescales for every objective, ensuring you don’t miss important deadlines.

With Project management tools, you can ditch the abstract cliched way of handling your projects and modernize your work proceedings. You can invite your project team and clients into one platform and maintain complete transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Moreover, project management software provides your teams with a collaborative platform to discuss project details and share ideas in a centralized location.

Project management software for Agencies, A Summary

Great project management is about being consistent and productive throughout the project duration. With project management software, you can ensure your team members can avoid data silos and work progressively towards achieving their objectives.

Basecamp offers an optimized interface with several integrations to support your project requirements. It is our suggested pick for a project management software that suits agencies. Visit the website to get started.

What Project Management Software would you recommend?

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