6 Best Project Management Software for Agile

by Scott Max
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The Best Project Management Software specifically for Agile

Agile methodologies help companies to get more work done. Combine them with Project management software, and you have the perfect tool to manage your tasks efficiently. With agile project management tools, you can speed up business performance and formulate procedures; to quickly implement your strategies. Have a look at the products below to choose the best project management software for Agile:

1. Trello

Trello allows your project teams to work together and maintain coordination between all departments within your business organization. It empowers project management by providing; the necessary tools and workflows to keep up with the scaling demands. Trello centralizes your project details in one collaborative location, making it easier to track, manage and complete multiple tasks.

Trello Features

Here are some exclusive features of Trello:

Multiple Views: Trello offers users the ability to switch between their preferred; views and brings a unique perspective to project management. It enables you swiftly execute your ideas into actions by providing clear visibility into every ongoing task. Trello Board view breakdown the project into multiple steps and updates the Workspace every time a task is near completion.

Dashboard: With the dashboard, you can gain actionable insights into your business processes so you can prevent bottlenecks and maintain efficiency. It allows users to customize key metrics and anticipate a team's requirements.

Trello Maps: Trello provides inbuilt interactive maps tl track field services and views the locational information pertinent to every project. It's a valuable feature for businesses that have agents in the field and allows managers to track the latest updates regarding what's happening in different project sites.

Butler: Trello offers an automation feature named "Butler" that allows you to create no-code integrations, workflows and bots to automate repetitive procedures. You can set pre-defined instructions for every automation and ensure the system quickly updates the relevant members every time a task is completed. You can turn on the suggestion feature, and Trello will identify your repetitive actions to suggest single-click automation that simplify your workload.

Power-ups: With Trello's featured Power-ups, users can add third-party plugins to enhance the functioning within their Workspace. You can integrate valuable tools like; Jira, Google Drive, Slack and any other relevant sources to access your files and documents within Trello's unified database.

Template creation and customization: Users can switch between templates to provide their teams with a blueprint for efficient project management. You can access the templates made by other users and create new ones to share with the Trello community. It helps you go digital with your work management and allows customization to the existing templates so they can meet your specific project requirements.

Trello Pricing

Trello offers 4 Pricing options for businesses to use the platform for project management.

The "Free" plan offers unlimited storage along with intrinsic project management tools and is best for teams looking to get acquainted with Trello.

The "Standard" plan offers advanced checklists, along with the basic features included in the "Free" pricing option. It is priced; at $5/user/month upon annual billing.

The "Premium" plan offers a dashboard view to get analytical insights along with the features included in the "Standard" pricing option. It is priced; at $10/user/month upon annual billing.

The "Enterprise" plan allows users to maximize Trello's functionality and create unlimited workspaces. It is priced; at $17.5/user/month upon annual billing.

2. Proofhub

Proofhub assembles project management, collaboration and time tracking tools within a single platform, providing users with a seamless experience. It offers several functionalities that enhance your work experience and empower project managers; to successfully implement rules.

Proofhub features

Here are some exclusive features of Proofhub:

Proofing: Proofhub allows you to effortlessly proof and review files, provide feedback and give approvals instantly. You can proof files in one go and annotate the web-based graphic files like JPEGs, PNG and PDFs. For other file formats that can't be proofed, you can collaborate on them in real-time using comments.

Task management: Proofhub helps you plan tasks effectively. So you can stay organized and improve your productivity. You can create private task lists which are only visible to the assigned personnel and display the list in Gantt charts. Moreover, you can switch on-time tracking to analyze the time spent on every task and bill the employees accordingly.

Document management: It's hard to imagine a project without files and documents. Quite often, it is found that files lie scattered within the inboxes or in folders where chances of them getting lost are high. Proofhub offers an online file-sharing system, making it simpler to manage all documentation efficiently. You can share files with your teams and clients by attaching documents to the discussions.

Reporting and Analytics: Proofhub's reports provide consolidated, factual and up-to-date information about all the projects. They help in diagnosing and rectifying within a project. Moreover, only account owners and admins can see the project reports, making them completely immune to manipulation. You can customize the parameters and use Proofhub's reporting tools to analyze your resource allocation and maintain efficiency.

Discussions: With Proofhub's Discussions, it becomes easier to collaborate on issues and share feedback in one centralized location for better communication. It not only eliminates your dependency on lengthy email threads but also saves the time spent in meetings. You can create new discussion topics and add relevant team members. So they are up-to-date with the latest discussions.

Workflows and Boards: Proofhub allows users to create unique workflows involving different people and several stages to produce the desired outcome. It ensures a steady flow of tasks sequentially and helps your employees accomplish objectives faster.

Proofhub Pricing

Proofhub offers 2 Pricing options for users to incorporate project management tools into their business.

The "Ultimate Control" plan is priced at $150/month upon annual billing, giving users complete access to all features of the Proofhub. It is best for businesses with extravagant requirements and allows them to work remotely with clients.

The "Essential" plan is priced at $45/month upon annual billing and provides a 15 GB storage space. It includes the core features of Proofhub and is best for new businesses.

3. Asana

All important projects involve groups of people coming together to achieve a shared goal. Asana is a tracking and project management software that allows teams to collaborate on tasks and track progress. It simplifies communication and data sharing, allowing you; to stay up-to-date with the latest project requirements.

Asana features

Here are some exclusive features of Asana:

  • Workflow builder: Asana provides visual tools to efficiently create workflows that simplify your execution and management tasks, helping your teams stay connected from initiation to completion. With the workflow builder, you can systemize; the information intake and capture ideas more easily.
  • Workload management: With Asana's coherent workload management, you can ensure your teams are not overwhelmed by the tasks and can easily schedule their work. Project managers can get a clear overview of what's happening inside the workspace to promote balance.
  • Resource Allocation: It allows you to reassign high-priority tasks to more suited employees with just a few clicks. You can easily analyze the current progression and send the relevant details to the assigned personnel for a seamless transition.
  • Views and Reporting: Asana provided real-time analytics and insights through AI-powered reporting tools that assist you in setting realistic objectives for your teams. You can specify the criteria and generate reports to see progress across projects.
  • Project Synchronization: It enables users to see contextual information regarding the same task across different project teams without duplications. So project managers can assess the employee's work performance.
  • Data security enhancement: Asana allows you to export data to a dedicated server for your business, boosting network security. Users can easily delete or reset their current workspaces to start anew effortlessly.
  • Mobile accessibility: Asana is accessible from iOS and Android devices to help you stay on top of project management anytime, anywhere. You can update task status, check schedules and have conversations with your teams.
  • Robust rest API: Asana supports seamless integration with several reporting tools and allows automation; to quickly execute tasks across other platforms. You can connect GitHub, Harvest and Slack to track project status or view any recent code edits.

Asana Pricing

Asana offers 3 Pricing options for users to serve their unique project management requirements.

The "Basic" plan is for individuals or businesses looking to get started with Asana and understand its core function. It's a free subscription plan that provides rudimentary features of Asana.

The "Premium" plan provides access to Asana's "Workflow Builder" and lets users create multiple timelines within the interface to manage and reassign overlapping tasks. It is priced; at $10.99/user/month upon annual billing.

The "Business" plan is for enterprises looking to maintain scalability and handle the huge workload. It provides access to all exclusive features of Asana. "Business" plan is priced; at $24.99/user/month upon annual billing.

4. Forecast

Forecast helps project-based companies drive business performance. With Forecast, you can efficiently manage operations, achieve empowered teams, make strategic decisions based on accurate data and build strong client relations. Forecast enables adoption through easy-to-use time tracking and task management.

Forecast Features

Here are some exclusive features of Forecast:

Advanced Analytics (AvA): With Forecast, you can manipulate complex data and churn out accurate reports to boost your results. AvA provides fast and intelligent insights that help you make the best decisions. You can create customizable reports that are totally tailored: to your business needs. Additionally, you can design your own visuals using Forecast's accurate real-time data.

Baseline: Forecast's Baseline is an ultimate feature for ensuring; profitability in projects. It unites sales and project teams to match what was sold and highlight inconsistencies. As a project manager, you can see whether a project is in line with your resources. Additionally, you can determine the probability of an opportunity and predict your revenue.

Auto-Schedule: With Forecast's Auto-Schedule, you can build project plans instantly. The AI estimates the tasks and assigns the best personnel for the job based on your team's roles and availability. It provides you with an editable preview of your new project plan. When change requests inevitably come in, you can incorporate them manually and see their impact on your team's workload and project timeline.

Team utilization: Forecast introduces a better way to know your resources. With a scaled overview, you can easily see your people's availability in the heat map. It enables you; to accurately strategize the long-term capacity of your organization. Managers can have a quick breakdown of people's utilization and the graph shows you how much each person is utilized.

Connected Projects: With Forecast, connecting multiple projects is really simple. Connected Projects enables you to share workflows and team members between different projects. Having a shared workflow means you can see every card effortlessly. Connected projects lead to a more efficient workflow and the possibility to create sprints across the project.

Forecast Pricing

Forecast offers 3 Pricing options, each catering to specific project requirements based on your business needs.

The "Lite" plan is priced at $29/seat/month upon annual billing and requires a minimum of 10 seats. It offers AI work automation, Lite integrations, business intelligence and time management.

The "Pro" plan is priced at $49/seat/month upon annual billing and requires a minimum of 10 seats. It offers financial portfolio reporting, retainer management, expense management and pro integrations.

The "Custom" plan's pricing quote depends on your business requirements. It ensures maximum efficiency and sustainability. The custom plan offers a project baseline, audit logging, time approvals and data migration.

5. Clarizen

Clarizen is the only enterprise-grade solution in the market that ties social engagement with powerful project management. It provides a streamlined navigation panel and enables One-click access to your modules. With Clarizen, you can plan out initiatives and expedite the project execution with maximum efficiency.

Clarizen Features

Here are some exclusive features of Clarizen:

Reports and Dashboards: Clarizen's reports and dashboards provide complete visibility to all internal and external stakeholders. The robust reports and dashboard module is fully integrated with Clarizen's work graphs, ensuring a true 360⁰ view. It provides a comprehensive reporting platform that includes the ability; to pivot data in multiple ways.

Digital Proofing: Clarizen's Digital Proofing integration simplifies and organizes the review and approval process. With digital proofing, you can create and manage proofs; for various file types. Any stakeholder, whether a Clarizen user or not, can contribute to the review and approval process. With Clarizen, you can use proofing decisions; to continue the work process automatically.

Advanced Customer Management: Clarizen opens the lines of communication and participation between teams. With Clarizen, you can add customers into your environment. You can initiate project discussions or automate the invoicing process. Clarizen assists you in developing a customer-centric approach and provides them full visibility into the ongoing processes.

Custom Actions: Clarizen provides a fully configurable platform so you can utilize it to fulfil your specific requirements. With custom actions, you gain full flexibility in Clarizen. You can create One-click actions to trigger entire workflows. You can customize project lifecycles and introduce custom dynamic forms.

Resource Utilization: With Clarizen's resource utilization, you can ensure the ROI of your deployed resources. Additionally, it displays the actual utilization and related KPIs of your resource pool. Resource utilization ensures that everyone in your organization; is working and contributing to the projects.

Conditional formatting: Clarizen's conditional formatting allow exception driven management of your work. It enables you to highlight important KPIs and focus your stakeholder's attention on crucial areas. Conditional formatting assists you in easily configuring dashboards with logical rules.

Clarizen Pricing

Clarizen does not have pricing details for its project management products on the official website. It may be because they don't sell bundled subscriptions and instead allow users to customize the ideal plan by handpicking the necessary tools.

6. Nifty

Nifty reduces project development cycles by providing all relevant tools to handle the project from initial stages to completion within a single platform. It's a project management software that promotes milestone-driven progress and enhances team productivity by keeping users inspired.

Nifty Features

Here are some exclusive features of Nifty:

Project Portfolios Management: Nifty allows you to control participation by providing full control over the project's privacy. You can move a project across portfolios and alter portfolio ownership to tailor the workspace according to your requirements.

Time Tracking: With Nifty, you can avoid switching between multiple tools for time tracking as it provides an inbuilt feature to track "time spent on a task" and billable hours of your employees. You can perform detailed breakdowns to get a deeper insight into a team member's logged hours. Moreover, you can also track hours from a team's perspective to efficiently manage workload.

Reporting: Nifty's reporting tools enable you to view tasks cognate to every project's milestones. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing operations. So you can get a detailed overview of what's happening with your projects.

Discussion Facilitation: You can easily set up a knowledge hub within Nifty to enable thorough discussions that facilitate efficient and effective decision making. Nifty also allows users to have; one-on-one interactions with project members or create threads to answer FAQS. Nifty turns your discussions into actions enabling you to create new tasks from the conversation channel.

Agile Project management: Nifty offers you a flexible approach for project management so you can complete tasks quickly and finish more projects. You can create project specifications and provide an actionable context to your managers.

Workflow Automation: With workflow automation, you can provide your employees with necessary assistance by automating repetitive tasks so they can complete assignments on time. Moreover, your developers can customize the Nifty dashboard to fit their requirements.

Client management: Unlike other project management tools, Nifty allows you to connect with your clientele and submit periodic reports with the project status. It streamlines communication and enables you to gather feedback from the client while the project is still ongoing.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty offer 5 Pricing options for businesses to; simplify project management and track employee work-rate.

The "Free" plan allows you to add several team members without any limitations and provides a 100MB storage space. It is a free subscription plan and is best for personal requirements.

The "Starter" plan includes all intrinsic features of Nifty and kicks up the storage space to 100GB. It is priced; at $49/month.

The "Pro" plan is best for scaling teams and offers unlimited project creation abilities. It is priced; at $99/month.

The "Business" plan is tailor-made for businesses with advanced requirements and provides Open API. It is priced; at $149/month.

The "Unlimited" plan is a fully scaled solution for enterprises and unlocks the maximum potential of Nifty. It is priced; at $499/month.

Why use Project Management Software at all?

Project management software fast-tracks your business processes and ensures you don't miss out on granular details. Your employees get the necessary help and tools to quickly manage their workload and stay productive throughout the project's lifecycle.

Moreover, project management software makes it easier to track budgets and financial costs incurred on each project. You can perform all reporting and analytical tasks within one interface, removing the scope of error. With project management software, your business can quickly rise and complete more projects; to increase your revenue generation.

Why should you use an Agile Project Management Software?

In any project, you're constantly juggling time and resources; to deliver results successfully. However, your customer requirements can evolve anytime, and when complications arise, your pre-made plan may no longer have the desired effect.

With clutter-free agile project management software, you can transform the execution process according to the changes and deliver great products on time. With a fluid interface, you can create backlogs for your projects, break them down into sprints and work on issues iteratively.

Additionally, you can group work items with a common objective. The customizable scrum board lets you visualize your work through different stages. So you know where your team stands. Agile project management software lets you set up urgent meetings and make instantaneous changes to your plans without affecting your work.

Moreover, you don't have to slog with manual time logs as project management software provides you with timesheets that record your team's working hours with dedicated time towards specific tasks.

With the reporting tools, you can successfully monitor your business operations and analyze; the current state of work in your organization. Project management tools ensure your team members are not underutilized or overworked. So they can perform to their maximum capacity at high productivity.

Project Management Software for Agile methodology, A Summary

Project management software typically assists you in organizing, planning and executing strategies. With agile methodology, you can respond quickly to sudden changes or requirements. It ensures you can fulfil clients' demands midway into a project and deliver the required service.

Trello offers agile methodology with its project management software and allows you to customize the project phases after initiation. It is our suggested pick for a project management software that supports the agile methodology. Visit the website to get started.

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