6 Best Project Management Software for Architects

by Scott Max
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The Best Project Management Software specifically for Architects

Architects have to formulate construction plans for sites and take up multiple projects to increase their revenue generation. A project management software that simplifies project planning and execution plus offers analytical tools to measure financial gains will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best project management software for architects:

1. Notion

With Notion, you can capture thoughts, manage projects and handle your business. It gives you a clean open surface where you can plan your projects. Additionally, Notion is a customizable and scalable platform that handles your growing requirements effortlessly.

Notion Features

Here are some exclusive features of Notion:

Workflow Builder: Notion enables workflow customization without any constraints and allows you to define every single metric. Moreover, you can build multiple workflows for a project and utilize them depending on the current status. With Workflow builder, you can automate the recurring tasks and spend time on rewarding issues.

Digital Workspace: Notion offers a digital, scalable workspace that connects you with your work and team. It provides a flexible and configurable workstation that can be modified to fit your work requirement. With Notion, you can use built-in collaborative tools to work intuitively and transparently.

Team wiki: With Notion's team wiki, you can set up a centralized repository; of information that your business can refer to swiftly. It is configurable and offers pre-made templates to assist you. Additionally, the team wiki can be integrated: with third-party databases through Notion's built-in compatibility.

Digital Office: Notion ensures you can digitize your business processes and work collaboratively towards the company's success. It enables you to swiftly distribute the work among team members and track their hours to maintain transparency. With Notion, you will get all the requisite tools; to empower your business and reach your true potential.

Integrations: With Notion, you can rebrand your applications and get contextual details from other platforms. It offers integration with Jira, Slack and GitHub to centralize your project management. Additionally, you can automate tasks within other tools through Notion's workflows and maintain consistency. Notion's API supports custom integrations, allowing developers to build public integrations.

Notion Pricing

Notion offers 4 Pricing options that cater specific business requirements depending on your size and niche.

The "Personal" plan is priced at $0 and offers synchronization across devices. Additionally, you can create unlimited pages or blocks.

The "Personal Pro" plan is priced at $4/month upon annual billing and offers a 30 Day version history. Additionally, you can invite unlimited guest accounts.

The "Team" plan is priced at $8/month upon annual billing and offers a collaborative workspace. Additionally, you can invite unlimited team members and set sharing permissions.

The "Enterprise" plan has a customizable pricing option. It offers SAML SSO, user provisioning and a dedicated success manager.

2. Jira

Jira allows you to manage agile in scrum teams, organize your project tasks, capture and record software bugs and simplify your overall business operations. It's primarily used: to amplify the employee's productivity and efficiency by providing them with all relevant tools within a single platform.

Jira Features

Here are some exclusive features of Jira:

Scrum Boards: Jira offers a scrum framework that enables your project teams to breakdown complex projects into simple tasks and creates a collaborative environment. It unifies your software teams and allows the project managers to stay on top of every delivery. Scrum boards offer an iterative and visual representation of your projects during the developmental stage and are accessible by everyone within your team.

Roadmaps: Jira Roadmaps help your business teams to efficiently plan the next step in a project by outlining a complete structure. You can get a clear projection of all initiatives within a single section and plan work according to your team's capacity. Moreover, you can predict outcomes based on your actions and create several versions of a roadmap to select the best possible route.

Agile Reporting: Jira provides real-time reporting tools and insights into your ongoing operations, enabling your software teams to make better decisions. You can get a sprint report, burndown chart and velocity chart to help your scrum teams in delivering projects faster. Jira's Agile Reporting optimizes your business flow for better performance and continuous delivery.

Open DevOps: Jira provides your developers with the freedom to choose the best tool for a job with its Open DevOps. It's a toolchain for the whole development cycle where you can mix and match tools according to your requirements. Moreover, DevOps offers a development panel and deployments tab along with a drag and drop automation tool that truly transforms your developer's capabilities to work on new ventures.

Automation: Jira allows you to create exciting automation that handles repetitive tasks and allows your employees to focus on urgent assignments. It ensures your teams can use automation and workflows to boost productivity and detect issues swiftly.

Jira Pricing

Jira offers 4 Pricing options for its cloud-based solution and a unique subscription for businesses looking for a dedicated data centre.

The "free" plan is priced at $0 and allows you to add up to 10 Users. "Free" subscription offers scrum and kanban boards, agile reporting and single project automation, making it perfect for small teams.

The "Standard" plan is priced at $7.50/user/month and allows you to create project roles along with the basic features available in the free plan.

The "Premium" plan is priced at $14.50/user/month and allows users to create multi-project automation along with advanced Roadmaps.

The "Enterprise" plan is only available for businesses with at least 801 Users. It is billed annually based on the number of users and unlocks all features of Jira.

The "Data centre" solution provides you with complete control of your Jira environment. It is priced: at $42000/year for 500 users.

3. Workfront

Workfront allows you to manage global operations and complex tasks, enabling you to deliver measurable outcomes at a rapid pace. It orchestrates and executes work across the enterprise, helping you connect strategies across various checkpoints. Workfront supports different work methodologies, helping your team stay productive with automated workflows and engaged by personalizing the way they work.

Workfront Features

Here are some exclusive features of Workfront:

Flexibility: Workfront is built to help all industries, whether they're more focused on marketing or the technical aspect. It provides solutions for all businesses by letting users personalize the systems according to their preferences. With Workfront, your teams can avoid burnout and deliver their best work without any degradation in quality.

Integrations: Workfront offers several integrations to help you unify your project management tools in a single platform. Additionally, it ties up with Adobe creative cloud so you can update documents or fulfil tasks from Photoshop or other Adobe powered applications. Workfront's seamless integrative ability ensures you don't waste your time switching between systems.

Security: Workfront recognizes that system security is essential for effective project management tools. It uses high-end AES 256-bit encryption to protect data from any mischievous elements and ensure privacy. Additionally, Workfront doesn't store the customer data on unencrypted devices, making you; completely immune to system hacking.

Work Management: Workfront connects your strategic processes to the delivery and ensures you can perform the right actions at every level. It provides automated workflows and reporting tools that can help you forecast the entire lifecycle of a project. Workfront reduces time spent on repetitive tasks by enabling your teams; to seamlessly collaborate on various issues. You can prioritize projects nearing the deadline date and adopt a goal-oriented approach to your work.

Services and support: Workfront provides guidance and support to your organization so you can sustain your scaling operations. With the on-demand training and consulting services, you can utilize Workfront to suit your organization's requirements and optimize your personal platform to elevate your success.

Scenario Planner: Workfront's Scenario Planner allows you; to continuously scheme your business operations and successfully acclimatize to new market conditions. You can create several scenarios for how a project will play out with minimal input and compare them to choose the best route. It helps you become more insightful regarding your projects.

Workfront Pricing

Workfront offers 3 Subscriptions plans with varying pricing options based on your business requirements.

The "Enterprise" plan comes with advanced support plus premium APIs and Integrations. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The "Business" plan allows you to set unlimited reviewers for projects and perform enhanced analytics. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The "Pro" plan provides efficient resource management plus content and review proposal capabilities. You can request pricing from the sales team.

4. Proofhub

Proofhub assembles project management, collaboration and time tracking tools within a single platform, providing users with a seamless experience. It offers several functionalities that enhance your work experience and empower project managers; to successfully implement rules.

Proofhub features

Here are some exclusive features of Proofhub:

Proofing: Proofhub allows you to effortlessly proof and review files, provide feedback and give approvals instantly. You can proof files in one go and annotate the web-based graphic files like JPEGs, PNG and PDFs. For other file formats that can't be proofed, you can collaborate on them in real-time using comments.

Task management: Proofhub helps you plan tasks effectively. So you can stay organized and improve your productivity. You can create private task lists which are only visible to the assigned personnel and display the list in Gantt charts. Moreover, you can switch on-time tracking to analyze the time spent on every task and bill the employees accordingly.

Document management: It's hard to imagine a project without files and documents. Quite often, it is found that files lie scattered within the inboxes or in folders where chances of them getting lost are high. Proofhub offers an online file-sharing system, making it simpler to manage all documentation efficiently. You can share files with your teams and clients by attaching documents to the discussions.

Reporting and Analytics: Proofhub's reports provide consolidated, factual and up-to-date information about all the projects. They help in diagnosing and rectifying within a project. Moreover, only account owners and admins can see the project reports, making them completely immune to manipulation. You can customize the parameters and use Proofhub's reporting tools to analyze your resource allocation and maintain efficiency.

Discussions: With Proofhub's Discussions, it becomes easier to collaborate on issues and share feedback in one centralized location for better communication. It not only eliminates your dependency on lengthy email threads but also saves the time spent in meetings. You can create new discussion topics and add relevant team members. So they are up-to-date with the latest discussions.

Workflows and Boards: Proofhub allows users to create unique workflows involving different people and several stages to produce the desired outcome. It ensures a steady flow of tasks sequentially and helps your employees accomplish objectives faster.

Proofhub Pricing

Proofhub offers 2 Pricing options for users to incorporate project management tools into their business.

The "Ultimate Control" plan is priced at $150/month upon annual billing, giving users complete access to all features of the Proofhub. It is best for businesses with extravagant requirements and allows them to work remotely with clients.

The "Essential" plan is priced at $45/month upon annual billing and provides a 15 GB storage space. It includes the core features of Proofhub and is best for new businesses.

5. Hive

Project management tools are crucial for every business; to track the work status of several teams within the organization efficiently. Hive is made for fast-scaling businesses and allows you to follow the progress of every project through its innovative and customizable Dashboard.

Hive Features

Here are some exclusive features of Hive:

  • Project management: Hive is compatible with teams of every size. It simplifies project tracking by providing multiple flexible views of ongoing projects, enabling project managers to; easily assign tasks and maintain accountability. Hive allows you to switch between the Gantt charts, Status view, Label view, Team view and a Table view to give a better outlook on your tasks.
  • Team-wide Resourcing: It is a time management tool that creates a unique dashboard; for your resourcing requirements. Users who have access to resourcing workspace can create and view their personalized schedules to stay on track, while the project managers can book resources or assign tasks for fast-paced action.
  • Time-Tracking: With Hive, you can track the time taken for project completion in the same workspace where you manage your project details. Moreover, Hive offers timesheet reports, allowing managers; to track the billable hours of employees, assess their work rate and get overall visibility into every team's operations.
  • Task Prioritization: Users can set the priority status; of every task through action cards and enable teams to focus on completing urgent assignments to avoid missing the deadline. Moreover, you can set urgency levels for projects nearing the deadline date, and Hive will automatically place them above other ongoing tasks with higher priority levels.
  • In-app messenger: Hive simplifies interaction within your teams or organization by providing instant messaging services within its platform. Your employees can create groups, send documents in a two-way chatbox and easily connect with their project managers. You can create messaging groups for every department or project within your organization to store interactions in one communication channel.
  • Proofing and Approvals: You can turn on this feature by scrolling to the "Hive apps" section. It enables your employees and workspace users to set up approvals, add annotations for proofing, request reviews from teams and add automation to change the status of a file or project after the approval.
  • Automation: Hive allows users to manage the automation function based on organizational role and task requirements. Your analytical department can get valuable insights into ongoing operations and team-wide data to create reports. Similarly, your employees can create workflows to automate repetitive tasks, identify risks, group individual actions and streamline the workflow.

Hive Pricing

Hive offers three pricing plans for teams looking to; efficiently manage their projects and scale their business operations.

"Hive Solo" is for start-ups, Solopreneurs or users that are just getting started with their business. It's a free subscription plan that gives users access; to unlimited storage space plus basic project management and collaboration features.

"Hive Teams" is priced at $16 and allows users to manage multiple projects at once. It provides Time-Tracking and lets you add any amount of users in the workspace according to your requirements.

"Hive Enterprise" is a customized pricing option for large-scale businesses having unique requirements. It provides you with a dedicated support service team and all functionalities offered by Hive. 

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet provides users with a plethora of features within a single unified interface, making it easier to successfully implement strategies for projects and assess the ongoing tasks. Businesses can easily streamline processes and increase efficiency to complete more projects and serve more clients.

Smartsheet Features

Here are some exclusive features of Smartsheet:

Team Collaboration: With Smartsheet, you can add relevant team members to the project workspace and provide a platform to discuss the next step and collaborate effectively. It ensures your business can work dynamically on a no-code platform and everyone is on-page with the latest advancements.

Workflow automation: Smartsheet provides powerful automation tools to manage repetitive tasks with unique workflows. It enables your team members to work on more demanding tasks and maintain a high level of productivity. Workflow automation empowers your business by allowing users to customize workflows as per their requirements and combine multiple actions for swift functioning.

Content management: Content production and management are essential for every business to entice clients into availing services. With Smartsheet, your designers have access to all relevant tools required to produce and review the content. You can include the content tasks within reporting tools to get a clear overview. It eliminates bottlenecks by allowing you to add multiple content reviewers and maintain a constant production rate.

Secure request management: Smartsheet offers a dynamic view of sharing control and access permissions. It enables you to maintain a reliable security level for business processes and manage the work requests; by using the pre-built form to accumulate and automate project data.

Governance administration: Smartsheet allows project managers to administer ongoing processes and assign the pending tasks to the available personnel. It heightens the security level; by providing you with complete visibility of all users. So you can successfully manage and change the access permissions.

Digital Asset Management: Smartsheet supports integration with Brandfolder, making it easier to manage your digital content, files and documentation. It empowers your creative teams to effectively distribute the assets among other users organize the asset metadata with intelligent tools.

Work Insights: Smartsheet provides quality insights to your employees. So they can easily complete the tasks by making better decisions. You can share work reports with the stakeholders and clients to keep them aligned; with the ongoing processes.

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet offers 3 Pricing options for users looking to streamline their business processes with quality project management tools.

The " Pro" plan is priced at $9/user/month and provides access to the basic features of Smartsheet. It is ideal for individuals or new businesses interested in Smartsheet.

The "Business" plan is priced at $32/user/month and requires a minimum of 3 users. It allows you to create unlimited; Workflow automation and provides a Brandfolder integration.

The "Enterprise" plan allows you to customize your Smartsheet experience and choose the; features you require. You have to contact the sales team and mention your requirements to get a price quotation.

Additionally, you can opt for "Smartsheet advance" to get complete access to all features. It is further divided: into "Silver", "Gold", and "Platinum" plans. You can contact the sales team to get a price quotation.

Why use Project Management Software at all?

Every business or solopreneur depends on taking and executing client projects for professional growth and profitability. It requires proper scheduling and workload management to handle multiple projects without affecting your productivity. Using several platforms with generic functionality adds to the already high complexities and negatively impacts your performance.

Project management software provides you with all relevant tools required; to efficiently manage your work within one interface. You can schedule tasks, see employee availability and submit deliverables on time; to maintain good client relations. Project management software ensures your business never suffers due to disruptions, and you can improvise any last-minute changes.

Why should architects use project management software?

The toughest battle for any sensible technician or architect is in designing a layout of the project to suit certain specifications. With project management software, you can easily realize your business objectives without extreme effort.

The initiation phase of every project includes a record of relevant processes. It includes preparation, procedure and conclusion, which can further be categorized: into subdivisions. Project management software offers scheduling to plan roadmaps effectively.

It simplifies complex tasks and breaks down the stages necessary to achieve the goal. Aligning of remaining bits thus becomes much easier than having to commence manually from scratch.

With a layout of the entire project, you can easily analyze details and give particular attention to the implications and their coherence. Project management software enables architects to gauge their options and determine the next step.

Coordinating the data and forming a simulation is essential to identify flaws and enhance data points. By mere thinking, most architects allow their imaginations to overrule some things; that eventually turn out to be costly.

By forming a project model within the management tool, they can turn to their plans and rethink their strategy. Additionally, your team members can give feedback about your plan and help you make improvements.

Project Management Software for Architects, A Summary

Project management software allows architects to carefully analyze every piece and formulate the perfect layout for a site. Moreover, you can create invoices, record ideas or estimate the project budget with quality automation and analytical tools.

Notion offers editing features, reporting tools and workflow automation to enhance your architecture projects. It is our suggested pick for a project management software that suits architects. Visit the website to get started.

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