6 Best Project Management Software for Scheduling

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So, you are in the market for Project management software that suits scheduling.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Project Management Software specifically for scheduling

Scheduling is crucial in every project as it provides you with a timeline to complete your pending issues. A project management software that offers timesheets, scheduling features and the workload management will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best project management software for scheduling:

1. Mavenlink

Mavenlink offers a cloud-based project management platform for professional businesses to improve organizational clarity and deal with the workload. It helps your service teams to understand the project expectations and distribute tasks to employees while adhering to the company’s latest requirements.

Mavenlink Features

Here are some exclusive features of Mavenlink:

Resource Management: Mavenlink offers advanced resource management tools that help you plan your project journey till the final stage. It addresses the entire resource management cycle by providing a collaborative platform for your employees. With Mavenlink, you can enable unparalleled resource visibility and gain the ability to identify changes.

Dynamic Resource Optimization: Mavenlink offers professional organizations the transformative ability to enable predictive outcomes and optimize resource planning for a limitless scaling experience. With Mavenlink, you get real-time responsiveness designed; to continuously improve your operations. It allows you to; easily recognize changes in demand and supply while exploring impacts on your revenue and margins.

Project Workspace: Mavenlink’s project workspace is highly efficient and effective, unlike its competitors. You can view the upcoming tasks and ensure all submissions are made on time to avoid any conflicts. It offers you the ability to easily improvise and adapt to the client’s requirements and deliver the best services.

Business Intelligence: Mavenlink understands that the projects are core to; every business’s success and optimizes every step in the lifecycle around your clients. It automatically enables the selling phase once the services are demanded; by a client and updates the upcoming procedures regularly. Mavenlink helps you estimate, gather and align the right resources on the right projects, helping you stay efficient.

Integrations and Workflows: Mavenlink offers M-Bridge that helps you integrate all necessary tools for your organization’s ample development. It can be easily connected; to a CRM like Salesforce. So you can create a single working platform for your client and project management. Additionally, it equips you to configure workflows to suit your needs and create custom rules.

Operations Management: Mavenlink allows users; to robustly collaborate on projects and get a full perspective on every detail. So they can make the right decisions. You can improve execution by creating a scenario for every project and giving your team a blueprint for approaching the task.

Mavenlink Pricing

Mavenlink offers custom pricing options based on your business industry and tool requirements. To get a pricing quote, fill up your niche market, mention the size of your company and the location of headquarters. Once done, Mavenlink’s sales team will reach out to you with the best-customized plan on the provided contact details.

2. Timecamp

Timecamp is a free time tracker tool for teams that lets you invite unlimited team members. You can track time using the web, desktop, mobile apps or directly from your favourite project management tools. With Timecamp’s private activity timeline, you can see how long you’ve worked on apps and websites.

Timecamp Features

Here are some exclusive features of Timecamp:

Automated Time Tracking: Timecamp provides advanced automation for time tracking purposes and lets you accurately clock working hours. It offers a One-click time tracker, App integrations, Graphic timesheet and keyword-based tracking to make your tasks convenient. Additionally, it can track the time you spend working on outside channels and show how it’s affecting your team’s productivity.

Productivity Tracking: Timecamp helps you track your daily routine and work activities. So you can gain internal insights into your work ethic and improve your functioning. It offers Website and app usage monitoring, Productivity assistance, Idle time tracking, Private time and optional screenshots to bring full transparency and obtain proof of work.

Timecamp Reports: Timecamp offers insightful reports related to your projects and teams. You can build custom reports on pre-defined parameters to match your personal requirements and easily share them across your team’s channel. Timecamp’s reports can assist you in thoroughly analyzing your work environment and bring urgency to your performance.

Custom Billing Rates: Tinecamp understands that versatility is crucial for every business when it comes to invoicing and billing. With Timecamp’s custom billing features, you can calculate timespan budgets according to the project’s requirements. Additionally, you can convert the data into precise financial reports to calculate revenue generation.

Timesheet Approvals: Timecamp provides smart timesheets that record every granular detail. You can set automatic approvals or reminders and lock the timesheet once the permissions have been granted to ensure data remains untouched. It ensures your team’s productivity is not wasted on dormant tasks, and you serve the qualified prospects with full availability.

Attendance Tracking: Timecamp eliminates the need for punching cards by clocking attendance based on employees’ availability. It offers Leave reporting, Payroll automation, and Overtime Tracking to ensure you fairly compensate for the extra hours spent by team members on high priority projects.

Timecamp Pricing

The “Free” plan comes at no cost and allows you to add unlimited users. You can use time tracking and perform bulk editing within this subscription.

The “Basic” plan is priced at $7/user/month and enables transparency across your business with time rounding and team productivity tracking.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $10/user/month and offers timesheet approvals with enhanced invoicing tools.

The “Enterprise” plan offers a self-hosted server and private cloud implementation. You can contact the sales team to get a pricing quote.

3. Ganttpro

In project management, the plan often differs from reality, leading to; undesirable consequences. Ganttpro minimizes the risks in the planning and implementation phases. You can skillfully manage projects and create a detailed plan for effortless execution. Ganttpro helps you evenly distribute workload and avoid employees’ overallocation.

Ganttpro Features

Here are some exclusive features of Ganttpro:

Task Management: Ganttpro allows you to take bulk actions and be efficient with time. You can filter the results according to project assignee, due dates or priority level. Within Ganttpro, you can follow the progress of each project and get a visual representation of the Gantt chart timeline. In addition, you can assign custom colours or create several columns to manage all crucial aspects of your project.

Plan Views: Ganttpro offers 4 Different views to help you understand your projects more thoroughly and plan different scenarios. The Gantt chart view lets you visualize a clear depiction of your project, tasks, dependencies or deadlines. The Grid view lets you add; extra information to the issues like priority levels, completion status and estimated delivery time. The Board view lets you manage various cards and plan properly. The Portfolio view provides a thorough analysis and understanding of your projects.

Collaboration: With Ganttpro, you can perform real-time synchronization and let your employees work on the latest information. You can mention teammates in the comments, and they’ll be notified to check out the task in real-time. Additionally, you can add attachments to issues to help your employees understand their work and complete the workflow.

Budget Tracking: Ganttpro’s reporting and analytical tools help you forecast the project budget according to resource allocation and labour costs. It doesn’t work on estimates and instead lets you calculate the precise finances by enabling a time log. With Ganttpro, you can work on tasks according to their resource type or duration.

Time Management: Ganttpro offers necessary time tracking tools; to help you clock the working hours of team members and manage their tasks. Moreover, you can create a time log report that shows which employee is working on more demanding tasks and reward them accordingly. Ganttpro ensures you don’t go past the project deadlines and can reassign urgent tasks in the simplest manner.

Team & Resource Management: With Ganttpro, you can view the log actions and analyze the changes made by other users. It lets you invite team members and give them a role or designation to limit their actions within the platform.

Ganttpro Pricing

Ganttpro offers 3 Pricing options, each suiting different business sizes and requirements.

The “Individual” plan is priced: at $15/month/user upon annual billing. It offers all the necessary features: for a freelancer or an individual looking to maximize productivity.

The “Team” plan is priced: at $8.9/user/month upon annual billing. It enhances team collaboration through unbounded functionality.

The “Enterprise” plan offers priority support, onboarding assistance, plus extra API limits. You can contact the sales team to get a quotation for this subscription.

4. Timely

Timely focuses on the time tracking aspect of the project manager. It automates clocking by tracking every granular process your employees are working on. Timely uses artificial intelligence to draft timesheets for you and ensures every billable second is stored; in the record.

Timely Features

Here are some exclusive features of Timely:

Automated Time Tracking: Timely offers accurate time tracking that can be automated: to record your team’s clocking hours. Timely records hours spent on several work apps and prepares timesheets, removing the estimation part. Additionally, it helps you avoid the disruption caused by manual time tracking and protects the team’s trust.

Project Tracking: Timely enables you to maintain transparency and visualize project budgets to help you plan in advance. It controls every aspect of a project by letting you scan real-time dashboards. Moreover, you can get notifications regarding critical budget movements and enhance your team’s performance.

Team Tracking: Timely allows you to effectively manage remote teams by providing the necessary tools to assist them in task completion. With powerful insights, you can ensure your employees are sharply focused; without being overloaded beyond their capacity. Timely generates reports to show how your teams work around the client’s portfolio and helps you manage priorities.

Plan Tracking: Timely has recently incorporated plannings tools to help your teams with feedback loops. It enables you to set healthier schedules and challenging targets for your team members. Additionally, you can translate tasks into tactical timelines and gauge your progress. Timely helps you plan a project scenario and provide a blueprint for your team to follow.

Integrations: Timely’s speciality is that it supports integration with your entire digital workspace and lets you add native integrations. You can easily transport projects between databases and replace the hours spent switching platforms with meaningful work.

Timely Pricing

Timely offers 3 Pricing options depending upon your specific business requirements.

The “Starter” plan is priced at $10 and allows work tracking tools with AI-powered timesheets to report conveniently.

The “Premium” plan is priced at $18 and allows real-time dashboard updates with adjustable employee capacity.

The “Unlimited” plan is priced at $26 and offers additional features like live reports and team lead assignments.

5. Jira

Jira allows you to manage agile in scrum teams, organize your project tasks, capture and record software bugs and simplify your overall business operations. It’s primarily used: to amplify the employee’s productivity and efficiency by providing them with all relevant tools within a single platform.

Jira Features

Here are some exclusive features of Jira:

Scrum Boards: Jira offers a scrum framework that enables your project teams to breakdown complex projects into simple tasks and creates a collaborative environment. It unifies your software teams and allows the project managers to stay on top of every delivery. Scrum boards offer an iterative and visual representation of your projects during the developmental stage and are accessible by everyone within your team.

Roadmaps: Jira Roadmaps help your business teams to efficiently plan the next step in a project by outlining a complete structure. You can get a clear projection of all initiatives within a single section and plan work according to your team’s capacity. Moreover, you can predict outcomes based on your actions and create several versions of a roadmap to select the best possible route.

Agile Reporting: Jira provides real-time reporting tools and insights into your ongoing operations, enabling your software teams to make better decisions. You can get a sprint report, burndown chart and velocity chart to help your scrum teams in delivering projects faster. Jira’s Agile Reporting optimizes your business flow for better performance and continuous delivery.

Open DevOps: Jira provides your developers with the freedom to choose the best tool for a job with its Open DevOps. It’s a toolchain for the whole development cycle where you can mix and match tools according to your requirements. Moreover, DevOps offers a development panel and deployments tab along with a drag and drop automation tool that truly transforms your developer’s capabilities to work on new ventures.

Automation: Jira allows you to create exciting automation that handles repetitive tasks and allows your employees to focus on urgent assignments. It ensures your teams can use automation and workflows to boost productivity and detect issues swiftly.

Jira Pricing

Jira offers 4 Pricing options for its cloud-based solution and a unique subscription for businesses looking for a dedicated data centre.

The “free” plan is priced at $0 and allows you to add up to 10 Users. “Free” subscription offers scrum and kanban boards, agile reporting and single project automation, making it perfect for small teams.

The “Standard” plan is priced at $7.50/user/month and allows you to create project roles along with the basic features available in the free plan.

The “Premium” plan is priced at $14.50/user/month and allows users to create multi-project automation along with advanced Roadmaps.

The “Enterprise” plan is only available for businesses with at least 801 Users. It is billed annually based on the number of users and unlocks all features of Jira.

The “Data centre” solution provides you with complete control of your Jira environment. It is priced: at $42000/year for 500 users.

6. Meistertask

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Meistertask is an intuitive project management tool that enables users to adhere to the core purpose of their tasks. It does so; by eliminating unnecessary information and widgets, ensuring your dashboard and workspace only display the crucial content.

Meistertask Features

Here are some exclusive features of Meistertask:

Dashboard: Meistertask’s Dashboard is a personal space that can be customized: to your liking. You can alter the backgrounds, add or remove widgets and see notifications from your collaborators. It also shows all of your active projects and time spent on a particular task to help you prioritize cases effectively.

Agenda: Meistertask’s Agenda acts like your personal master board, which can be configured: according to your preference. You can segment your tasks into “Focus”, “Upcoming”, “To Reply”, and “Waiting for”, depending upon the status of the project. You can pin tasks from any project to your Agenda, whether they’re assigned: to you or one of your coworkers.

WIP Limits: Meistertask offers Work in progress limits that define the maximum number of tasks that can be worked on in a particular stage. Setting smart limits reduces multitasking and helps identify bottlenecks quickly. You can set the WIP limit by customizing the maximum number of tasks for every section and ensure you don’t overburden your team members. Meistertask doesn’t stop you from going over the set limit if necessary, but if you do, you’ll get a clear warning in the section header.

Bulk actions: Meistertask allows you; to either bulk complete all tasks in a section at once or archive all of the completed tasks. Once you select multiple tasks, a bulk action menu appears that allows you to modify your selected entities, for instance, changing their due dates, adding tags or moving them into a different project.

Integrations: Meistertask is a flexible project management tool that supports integration with Asana, Trello, Zapier, Slack, Zendesk, GitHub and Bugsnag. So if you or your team are currently working on a different platform, you can easily switch and import your work progress to the Meistertask and enjoy the benefits of both systems.

Automations and Reports: Meistertask allows you to create numerous automation and generate reports; to properly analyze your business’ functioning. By creating automation, you can get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on more demanding jobs with higher priority.

Meistertask Pricing

Meistertask offers 4 Pricing options, each designed to suit your specific business requirements.

The “Basic” plan costs absolutely nothing and focuses on; providing the core task management capabilities to single users. 

The “Pro” plan is priced at $4.19/month and allows you to collaborate efficiently with your team members. You can create unlimited projects, use automation and set WIP limits within this subscription.

The “Business” plan is priced: at $10.39/month and offers all features of the “Pro” plan plus a Timeline view, custom fields and activity exports.

The “Enterprise” plan is made: specifically for large companies with unique requirements. You can contact Meistertask’s sales team to get a price quote for this subscription.

Why use a Project Management Software at all?

In today’s work environment, managing projects effectively is crucial; to gain an edge over your competition and satisfy clients. Your team members require empowering tools to match the demands and successfully complete their tasks. With project management software, you can easily schedule your projects with proper planning.

Project management software allows you to scrutinize critical information to gain better results. You can collaborate with your team members and share job details. It ensures your company is always on track to finish the assigned projects and is available for urgent, high-priority tasks.

Why should you use a Project Management Software for Scheduling?

Project management software is built specifically to cater your project requirements. Whether you’re scheduling long complex projects with lots of dependencies or short agile sprints with several last-second changes, project management software can manage it all.

Scheduling is a fundamental aspect of any well-planned project. It allows you to dictate which tasks need to be done when and which resources will be allocated to complete those deliverables. With project management software, you can clearly outline; your team’s tasks and resources.

You can avoid over-scheduling by setting specific work hours and non-working days. Additionally, if an employee is unavailable unexpectedly, you can reassign tasks or reschedule them for a later date. Project management software helps you establish your team’s availability and reduce the impact of sudden changes.

Most project management software provides Gantt charts to help you visualize dependencies. With the waterfall view, you can easily adapt to schedule changes. Gantt chart’s robust view helps you avoid the typical scheduling pitfalls.

Project management software helps you formalize budgets and track costs in real-time, including labour and expenses. With live resources availability, you can avoid over-allocation and underused resources. Moreover, you can easily schedule meetings with clients or invite them into the platform to oversee the latest advancements.

Project Management Software for Scheduling, A Summary

Scheduling tasks efficiently is the first step to ensuring a seamless project management experience throughout its lifecycle. With project management software, you can easily schedule issues with different timelines and improve clients’ satisfaction.

Mavenlink offers an inbuilt scheduler and allows you to keep projects organized accurately in the timeline. It is our suggested pick for a project management software that suits scheduling. Visit the website to get started.

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