6 Most Simple Project Management Software

by Scott Max
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The Best Project Management Software for Lucidity.

Project management software is meant to; simplify your current business structure and enable swift execution of tasks. Most businesses require a solution; that is simple to use and doesn't add to the complexities within the existing structure. Have a look at the products below to choose the most simple project management software:

1. Teamgantt

Teamgantt is essentially built around Gantt charts and simplifies project management by combining all necessary actions into one platform. It offers drag and drop simplicity. So you can perform actions with a single click. Additionally, Teamgantt organizes your scattered workflows and makes your project planning professional.

Teamgantt Features

Here are some exclusive features of Teamgantt:

Project Views: Every project runs on a schedule, whether you do work in sprints or use a waterfall approach to knock out tasks. The Gantt chart enables you to adjust tasks and timing with scheduling. It helps you identify dependent tasks on the plan. So work gets done in the correct order.

Workloads and Team availability: Teamgantt provides an availability tab that shows your team's workload and schedule. You can analyze which team members are currently over their capacity and distribute the tasks to underutilized employees. With Teamgantt, you can ensure everyone in your organization is working on issues without getting overwhelmed.

Project Dependencies: Teamgantt allows you to plan projects with perfection and set an order for task completions. You can create project dependencies that determine the execution process and keep you up-to-date as a project manager; about whether your team is on course. Additionally, you can create project portfolios to further drill down to the granular details and maintain efficiency.

Collaboration: Teamgantt empowers team collaboration with its interactive interface and enables your employees and stakeholders; to ceaselessly communicate. It ensures every relevant personnel is aware of the project status and there are no silos or communication gaps that disrupt the project execution. Moreover, you can set up one-on-one or group channels to share attachments or project details with the assigned employees.

Project Timelines: Teamgantt allows you to create projections for every task and compare them with actual proceedings. It enables you to analyze the resource allocation and make real-time alterations to the plan. So you can maintain profitability.

Teamgantt Pricing

Teamgantt offers 3 Pricing options and enhances your company's project planning with its unmatchable tools.

The "Free" plan is priced: at $0/month, and you can add up to 3 users. However, you can work on a single project with a maximum of 60 tasks.

The "Standard" plan is priced: at $24.95/month, and the pricing plan changes with the number of users. You can create unlimited projects or tasks and access all collaborative features.

The "Advanced" plan is priced: at $29.95/month, and the pricing plan changes with the number of users. It offers workload tracking and reporting tools, providing complete access to Teamgantt.

2. Workzone

Workzone gives your team a central place to track and share your work. So that the right jobs get done on time with fewer errors and a lot less stress. You can use status alerts to get notified whenever a project moves across the timeline and plan the next phase. Workzone allows you to manage a complex chain of tasks by disintegrating them into simple doable issues.

Workzone Features

Here are some exclusive features of Workzone:

Project Dashboard: Workzone provides clear visibility into your projects with its configurable dashboard. Here, you can analyze the statuses of your ongoing projects and determine which ones are on route to be completed. Workzone's project dashboard enables you; to view intrinsic details and gives a heads up to your team members about high-priority projects.

Budget Tracking: Planning project budgets is essential; to adequately allocate resources. With Workzone's budget tracking, you can plan a project in advance and see where your funds are being directed. Workzone's inbuilt tools help you organize workload and track expenses to maximize your project completion and revenue generation.

Collaboration: Workzone offers built-in workflows that support collaboration and automation. You can swiftly create new projects and automate recurring procedures. So your employees can focus on meaningful and demanding tasks. With Workzone, you can communicate with your team across a singular channel and pass on project instructions received from the client.

Simplified Project Management: Workzone offers: a simplistic view of all issues related to your projects and teams. You can analyze and report on projects to identify the bottlenecks. Additionally, Workzone lets you choose the features that you require and keeps the interface unpopulated for easy execution.

Quality Support: Workzone provides on-demand access to its support team, eliminating the waiting time for an issue; to get solved through communication channels. Additionally, you can get personalized training camps to get acquainted; with Workzone and successfully implement it in your business.

Workzone Pricing

Workzone offers 3 Pricing options for teams of 5 to 500+.

The "Team" plan is priced at $24/user/month and offers all core features of project management. With this subscription, you get 99.999% uptime, task dependencies, Kanban views and advanced reporting tools.

The "Professional" plan is priced at $34/user/month and is best for sophisticated teams. With this subscription, you get custom project intake forms, API access, unlimited workspaces and training sessions.

The " Enterprise" plan is priced at $43/user/month and offers limitless customization. With this subscription, you get custom reporting, an enhanced reporting dashboard, cross-project dependencies and a critical path.

3. Robohead

Robohead ends complications and streamlines the project lifecycle. Built specifically for in-house marketing and creative teams, Robohead provides a customized experience to foster collaboration and alignment toward project delivery. With Robohead, your business teams can plan thoroughly and bring them into action to ensure swift implementation.

Robohead Features

Here are some exclusive features of Robohead:

Project Requests: Robohead enables you to manage clients' specific project requests by collating all necessary information. Additionally, you can customize project request forms with conditional logic and fields. Robohead captures every crucial detail and notifies your team whenever a new request is received.

Project Planning: Robohead provides adequate planning tools to fast-track your planning phase. You can use templates; to quickly process requests and manage complex campaigns with automated workflows. Additionally, you can create project dependencies; to quickly assign roles within your team for an assignment.

Team Management: Robohead offers resource utilization and workforce planning to help you analyze your team member's work capacity. It ensures your work is allocated efficiently among the staff, and there are no data silos. Robohead shows team availability so you can distribute tasks accordingly to ensure swift execution.

Project Management: Robohead offers customizable project views to visualize your workflows. Additionally, it ensures the data is constant across your organization and enables transparency. Robohead provides user-specific prioritization and helps you stay organized with your assigned tasks.

Creative Feedback: Robohead provides annotation and creative tools to help you provide constructive feedback to your employees. Additionally, it automates the sequential review process and ensures your creative teams have the necessary tools; to manage approvals or assignments.

Project Portfolios: Robohead offers project portfolios that summarize and highlight your project data. It enables you to specify metrics for projects and produce deliverables. Robohead uses the data collected from workflows; to automatically set up your project portfolios.

Reporting: Robohead offers reporting tools to help you analyze your company's operations and improve your operational efficiency. You can visualize your data and leverage it to dive deeper into your current working capacity. Additionally, reporting tools help you determine the financial costs incurred periodically.

Robohead Pricing

Robohead does not offer a pricing subscription for its platform. You can enter your business email, and Robohead's team will contact you regarding a customized project management tool.

4. Paymo

Paymo is an innovative project management tool used by the world's leading companies to serve the demands of clients and reduce delays or disruptions. It offers several functionalities to ensure you can handle all your project requirements within one interface and avoid switching between multiple channels.

Paymo Features

Here are some exclusive features of Paymo:

Pomodoro Timer: Pomodoro technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. Paymo provides a Pomodoro Timer interface within its platform and lets you customize the length of each Pomodoro session. The Pomodoro fills up to visually signal the progress of your work session.

Advanced Gantt charts: Paymo's Gantt charts offer visual indicators to show; your project status more vividly. You can visually monitor the progress of each task. Paymo's Gantt charts signify the amount of time tracked based; proportionally on the task's hourly budget. To ensure that you never go over budget, you can see the exact number of tracked worked hours vs each task's total budgeted hours.

Online Proofing and Version Control: Paymo simplifies the design approval process. When you're ready to leave feedback on a designed asset, you can open the task attachment to enter the file proofing and versioning editor. Here, you can leave comments about future alterations and additional instructions.

Task Views: Paymo allows you to change the task display format depending on your preferred work style. With the table view, you can get detailed information in a tabular format. You can view the tracked time against each task's hourly budget. With Paymo's task views, you can conveniently manage your issues and adhere to the deadlines.

Timesheets: Paymo's Timesheet resembles a calendar that displays the past time. It records your time log and hours spent on several tasks. So you can analyze whether you're distributing your efforts smartly. With Paymo's Timesheet, you can see the tracked time for a task, project and client. It enables you to prioritize urgent tasks and see which employees are available to execute them.

Paymo Pricing

Paymo offers 3 Pricing options with specific features to help you plan and implement your project strategies.

The "Free" plan costs $0 and is usable by up to 10 users. You can serve unlimited clients, use task views, do native time tracking and create up to 3 Time reports within this subscription.

The "Small Office" plan is priced: at $11.95/user/month, and you can add unlimited users. It offers a Meta Task board, unlimited time entries, active timers, In-app tech support and 50 GB storage.

The "Business" plan is priced at $18.95/user/month and comes without any user limit. It offers free Onboarding and Training, advanced Gantt charts, Employee leave management, online remote assistance and 100 GB of storage.

5. Ganttpro

In project management, the plan often differs from reality, leading to; undesirable consequences. Ganttpro minimizes the risks in the planning and implementation phases. You can skillfully manage projects and create a detailed plan for effortless execution. Ganttpro helps you evenly distribute workload and avoid employees' overallocation.

Ganttpro Features

Here are some exclusive features of Ganttpro:

Task Management: Ganttpro allows you to take bulk actions and be efficient with time. You can filter the results according to project assignee, due dates or priority level. Within Ganttpro, you can follow the progress of each project and get a visual representation of the Gantt chart timeline. In addition, you can assign custom colours or create several columns to manage all crucial aspects of your project.

Plan Views: Ganttpro offers 4 Different views to help you understand your projects more thoroughly and plan different scenarios. The Gantt chart view lets you visualize a clear depiction of your project, tasks, dependencies or deadlines. The Grid view lets you add; extra information to the issues like priority levels, completion status and estimated delivery time. The Board view lets you manage various cards and plan properly. The Portfolio view provides a thorough analysis and understanding of your projects.

Collaboration: With Ganttpro, you can perform real-time synchronization and let your employees work on the latest information. You can mention teammates in the comments, and they'll be notified to check out the task in real-time. Additionally, you can add attachments to issues to help your employees understand their work and complete the workflow.

Budget Tracking: Ganttpro's reporting and analytical tools help you forecast the project budget according to resource allocation and labour costs. It doesn't work on estimates and instead lets you calculate the precise finances by enabling a time log. With Ganttpro, you can work on tasks according to their resource type or duration.

Time Management: Ganttpro offers necessary time tracking tools; to help you clock the working hours of team members and manage their tasks. Moreover, you can create a time log report that shows which employee is working on more demanding tasks and reward them accordingly. Ganttpro ensures you don't go past the project deadlines and can reassign urgent tasks in the simplest manner.

Team & Resource Management: With Ganttpro, you can view the log actions and analyze the changes made by other users. It lets you invite team members and give them a role or designation to limit their actions within the platform.

Ganttpro Pricing

Ganttpro offers 3 Pricing options, each suiting different business sizes and requirements.

The "Individual" plan is priced: at $15/month/user upon annual billing. It offers all the necessary features: for a freelancer or an individual looking to maximize productivity.

The "Team" plan is priced: at $8.9/user/month upon annual billing. It enhances team collaboration through unbounded functionality.

The "Enterprise" plan offers priority support, onboarding assistance, plus extra API limits. You can contact the sales team to get a quotation for this subscription.

6. Liquidplanner

Liquidplanner supports flexible project management and provides your business with a clear overview of all ongoing tasks. It helps your teams perform at peak productivity and engage effortlessly with the collaborators to enhance the functioning of your company.

Liquidplanner Features

Here are some exclusive features of Liquidplanner:

Smart schedule bars: Liquidplanner offers smart schedule bars that determine how much time a task would take for completions based on; AI estimates and ongoing work; by your team. It allows you to efficiently manage your schedule and reassign high-priority issues to available employees for swift execution.

Priority-Driven Board views: With Liquidplanner, you can create several statuses and move tasks across them to symbolize how much effort needs to be interpolated; towards a particular issue. It helps you align your projects according to the priority and track every progress from a single board view.

Automatic Resource Leveling: Liquidplanner offers automation that manages your workload and resource allocation by running quality analysis on the available data. It enables you to reduce the dependency on a particular team and empowers your business to reach its potential.

Ranged Estimates: Liquidplanner runs multiple checks on the data and provides you with the best possible scenario to pursue a project. It captures uncertainty in your business plan and provides insight to improve your business's functioning.

Target Finish Driven Alerts: Liquidplanner allows your team to set target dates for every project submission and provides regular alerts so you can cope with the deadlines. It points out schedule risk every time a task is nearing its tendering and enables you to stay on top of every issue.

Data Customization: With Liquidplanner, you can segment and customize the data by introducing your own factors to tasks and resources. It enriches your view of the ongoing projects by providing thorough analysis and dependable insights.

Advanced Access Control: With advanced access control, you can choose what information your employees see, depending on their stature and profile. It ensures your teams are not overloaded with pointless data and only see the required details.

Work Views: Within Liquidplanner, you can switch between several views like Kanban Boards and Timesheet. Its highly personalizable interface ensures you don't face any complications while switching between different perspectives.

Liquidplanner Pricing

Liquidplanner offers 4 Pricing options for users depending upon their unique requirements.

The "Free" plan comes at absolutely no cost and offers entry-level features like predictive scheduling, smart schedule bars, ranged estimation and integrated time tracking.

The "Essentials" plan is priced at $15/user/month upon annual billing and allows you to add unlimited users plus create up to 5000 Tasks.

The "Professional" plan is priced at $25/user/month and offers Timesheet review and custom workspace dashboards. It boosts up the max task creation capacity to 50000.

The "Ultimate" plan is priced at $35/user/month and allows you to use Liquidplanner at its maximum capabilities.

Why use Project Management Software at all?

Project management software is revolutionizing the way businesses go on about their projects. They eliminate the requirement of multiple tools to plan, execute and monitor your tasks. You can simply; do every project related work inside one interface and ensure everyone in your organization is up-to-date with what's going on.

By incorporating project management software into your business, you empower your employees with all requisite tools to boost their proficiency. You can perform analytical tasks or plan a project roadmap to avoid Anu delays during the implementation. It offers a better way of organizing your work issues and ensures you are always on top of every task.

Why should you use simple project management software?

When you're trying to grow your business by expanding the clientele base and taking up more projects, your teams can constantly be under intense pressure due to inadequate project management. It leads to frequently missed deadlines, and inturn upsets your clients.

Without project management software to streamline your workflow, you suffer business losses and lose many promising opportunities. By incorporating a simple project management software, you avoid all the complexities of maintaining the database and empower your project teams to stay on track.

It improves your business reputation in front of clients who immediately recognize that your firm is well-organized and appreciate the improved communication. Your employees are also well-versed in completing tasks as projects are no longer jumbled in email threads or files.

Your teams can discuss issues and collaborate online to work remotely from anywhere. With a simple project management tool, you don't have to face the downtime of the training period and can immediately start working on projects.

You can take up more projects and view the available resources to ensure no one is overworked or underutilized in your organization. Project management software ensures; your business issues are always dealt with on time and don't cause disruptions later.

Most Simple Project Management Software, A Summary

Simple project management software provides the necessary tools to simplify your work process without adding to the complexities. Your teams can work effortlessly on all issues, and you can track their logged hours through timesheets to distinguish between billable and non-billable hours.

TeamGantt offers simple project management software with Gantt charts features to help you efficiently execute urgent tasks. It is our suggested pick for a simple project management software. Visit the website to get started.

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