What is Brand Journalism?

Brand journalism is the perfect union between marketing and journalism. It is a new approach to the valuable content that companies want to provide to the user. Its objective is to increase brand loyalty and trust through original pieces published in their own media.

This video will help explain:

The content generated from this new perspective is current, fact-based, transparent and, above all, provides value to the user. Brands benefit from the diffusion power of this type of pieces, which are much more useful to the user than traditional advertising.

4 keys to understanding brand journalism

  1. It is still journalism and, as such, it is subject to certain rules such as authenticity, transparency and relevant content that journalistic articles have.
  2. It not only complements but takes the brand story a step further.
  3. It can use any type of format and genre to attract and engage consumers, but it is journalism that is best suited to its purpose.
  4. It seeks not only to inform the customer but to go beyond that. They are highly specialized pieces of content that generate conversations on blogs and social media.

An example of successful brand journalism is Adobe's online magazine CMO.com, aimed at digital marketers "obsessed" with innovation. CocaCola Journey is another example, the American giant focuses its publications on the brand's business story. Finally, the example of Red Bull's monthly newsletter, Red Bulletin, a monthly magazine focused on culture and sports, with an air of "cheekiness" in all topics.

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