6 Best Project Management Software for Creative Work

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for Project management software that suits creatives.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

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The best project management software specifically for creative work.

Creative professionals have to record their ideas consistently and update clients about the latest advancements. A project management software that provides editing tools, a collaborative platform and efficient workload management will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best project management software for creative work:

1. Workfront

Workfront allows you to manage global operations and complex tasks, enabling you to deliver measurable outcomes at a rapid pace. It orchestrates and executes work across the enterprise, helping you connect strategies across various checkpoints. Workfront supports different work methodologies, helping your team stay productive with automated workflows and engaged by personalizing the way they work.

Workfront Features

Here are some exclusive features of Workfront:

Flexibility: Workfront is built to help all industries, whether they're more focused on marketing or the technical aspect. It provides solutions for all businesses by letting users personalize the systems according to their preferences. With Workfront, your teams can avoid burnout and deliver their best work without any degradation in quality.

Integrations: Workfront offers several integrations to help you unify your project management tools in a single platform. Additionally, it ties up with Adobe creative cloud so you can update documents or fulfil tasks from Photoshop or other Adobe powered applications. Workfront's seamless integrative ability ensures you don't waste your time switching between systems.

Security: Workfront recognizes that system security is essential for effective project management tools. It uses high-end AES 256-bit encryption to protect data from any mischievous elements and ensure privacy. Additionally, Workfront doesn't store the customer data on unencrypted devices, making you; completely immune to system hacking.

Work Management: Workfront connects your strategic processes to the delivery and ensures you can perform the right actions at every level. It provides automated workflows and reporting tools that can help you forecast the entire lifecycle of a project. Workfront reduces time spent on repetitive tasks by enabling your teams; to seamlessly collaborate on various issues. You can prioritize projects nearing the deadline date and adopt a goal-oriented approach to your work.

Services and support: Workfront provides guidance and support to your organization so you can sustain your scaling operations. With the on-demand training and consulting services, you can utilize Workfront to suit your organization's requirements and optimize your personal platform to elevate your success.

Scenario Planner: Workfront's Scenario Planner allows you; to continuously scheme your business operations and successfully acclimatize to new market conditions. You can create several scenarios for how a project will play out with minimal input and compare them to choose the best route. It helps you become more insightful regarding your projects.

Workfront Pricing

Workfront offers 3 Subscriptions plans with varying pricing options based on your business requirements.

The "Enterprise" plan comes with advanced support plus premium APIs and Integrations. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The "Business" plan allows you to set unlimited reviewers for projects and perform enhanced analytics. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The "Pro" plan provides efficient resource management plus content and review proposal capabilities. You can request pricing from the sales team.

2. Robohead

Robohead ends complications and streamlines the project lifecycle. Built specifically for in-house marketing and creative teams, Robohead provides a customized experience to foster collaboration and alignment toward project delivery. With Robohead, your business teams can plan thoroughly and bring them into action to ensure swift implementation.

Robohead Features

Here are some exclusive features of Robohead:

Project Requests: Robohead enables you to manage clients' specific project requests by collating all necessary information. Additionally, you can customize project request forms with conditional logic and fields. Robohead captures every crucial detail and notifies your team whenever a new request is received.

Project Planning: Robohead provides adequate planning tools to fast-track your planning phase. You can use templates; to quickly process requests and manage complex campaigns with automated workflows. Additionally, you can create project dependencies; to quickly assign roles within your team for an assignment.

Team Management: Robohead offers resource utilization and workforce planning to help you analyze your team member's work capacity. It ensures your work is allocated efficiently among the staff, and there are no data silos. Robohead shows team availability so you can distribute tasks accordingly to ensure swift execution.

Project Management: Robohead offers customizable project views to visualize your workflows. Additionally, it ensures the data is constant across your organization and enables transparency. Robohead provides user-specific prioritization and helps you stay organized with your assigned tasks.

Creative Feedback: Robohead provides annotation and creative tools to help you provide constructive feedback to your employees. Additionally, it automates the sequential review process and ensures your creative teams have the necessary tools; to manage approvals or assignments.

Project Portfolios: Robohead offers project portfolios that summarize and highlight your project data. It enables you to specify metrics for projects and produce deliverables. Robohead uses the data collected from workflows; to automatically set up your project portfolios.

Reporting: Robohead offers reporting tools to help you analyze your company's operations and improve your operational efficiency. You can visualize your data and leverage it to dive deeper into your current working capacity. Additionally, reporting tools help you determine the financial costs incurred periodically.

Robohead Pricing

Robohead does not offer a pricing subscription for its platform. You can enter your business email, and Robohead's team will contact you regarding a customized project management tool.

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet provides users with a plethora of features within a single unified interface, making it easier to successfully implement strategies for projects and assess the ongoing tasks. Businesses can easily streamline processes and increase efficiency to complete more projects and serve more clients.

Smartsheet Features

Here are some exclusive features of Smartsheet:

Team Collaboration: With Smartsheet, you can add relevant team members to the project workspace and provide a platform to discuss the next step and collaborate effectively. It ensures your business can work dynamically on a no-code platform and everyone is on-page with the latest advancements.

Workflow automation: Smartsheet provides powerful automation tools to manage repetitive tasks with unique workflows. It enables your team members to work on more demanding tasks and maintain a high level of productivity. Workflow automation empowers your business by allowing users to customize workflows as per their requirements and combine multiple actions for swift functioning.

Content management: Content production and management are essential for every business to entice clients into availing services. With Smartsheet, your designers have access to all relevant tools required to produce and review the content. You can include the content tasks within reporting tools to get a clear overview. It eliminates bottlenecks by allowing you to add multiple content reviewers and maintain a constant production rate.

Secure request management: Smartsheet offers a dynamic view of sharing control and access permissions. It enables you to maintain a reliable security level for business processes and manage the work requests; by using the pre-built form to accumulate and automate project data.

Governance administration: Smartsheet allows project managers to administer ongoing processes and assign the pending tasks to the available personnel. It heightens the security level; by providing you with complete visibility of all users. So you can successfully manage and change the access permissions.

Digital Asset Management: Smartsheet supports integration with Brandfolder, making it easier to manage your digital content, files and documentation. It empowers your creative teams to effectively distribute the assets among other users organize the asset metadata with intelligent tools.

Work Insights: Smartsheet provides quality insights to your employees. So they can easily complete the tasks by making better decisions. You can share work reports with the stakeholders and clients to keep them aligned; with the ongoing processes.

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet offers 3 Pricing options for users looking to streamline their business processes with quality project management tools.

The " Pro" plan is priced at $9/user/month and provides access to the basic features of Smartsheet. It is ideal for individuals or new businesses interested in Smartsheet.

The "Business" plan is priced at $32/user/month and requires a minimum of 3 users. It allows you to create unlimited; Workflow automation and provides a Brandfolder integration.

The "Enterprise" plan allows you to customize your Smartsheet experience and choose the; features you require. You have to contact the sales team and mention your requirements to get a price quotation.

Additionally, you can opt for "Smartsheet advance" to get complete access to all features. It is further divided: into "Silver", "Gold", and "Platinum" plans. You can contact the sales team to get a price quotation.

4. Clickup

Clickup offers a unique project management platform with customizable features to help users efficiently deal with the workload and stay on time with submissions. ClickUp's greatest strength is that it helps you create an idiosyncratic hierarchy according to your company's special requirements.

ClickUp Features

Here are some exclusive features of Clickup:

Notifications: Clickup provides real-time notifications to help you stay up-to-date while working with other teams or collaborators. They are grouped: by task with extra context and are only cleared; when you accomplish the objective. Additionally, you can choose the actions to perform on an issue from your personal notification tab.

Inbox: Any task assigned to you will appear in your inbox. It automatically segments tasks that have started from the ones that are yet to be initiated. Here, you can set alerts for yourself and your team members to get updates for every minute detail.

Favourites and Quickswitch: Clickup allows you; to navigate quickly through crucial projects and tasks by adding them into your favourites. Additionally, you can press "K" and quickly switch to the Favorites section or search for a particular task.

Multitask Toolbar: With the Multitask Toolbar, you can apply changes to several tasks at once by selecting the relevant ones. It saves you the time to individually go through; every issue and identify the problem by automatically notifying you of the ongoing complexities.

Permissions: With Clickup, you can limit the user's access by setting permissions. It ensures that only the relevant profiles have the ability to change things around in your business and helps you maintain the smooth running of operations.

Slash Commands: Clickup offers keyboard slash commands that enable you to set shortcut keys for task data and formatting. By pressing the "/" button, you can access the task menu space and make new assignments or set deadlines.

Dashboards: With ClickUp's Dashboards, you can personalize the reporting tools and populate your workspace with extensive reports and valuable charts. It offers great overviews of your ongoing projects so you can fulfil the requirements set by the client and deliver impeccable service.

Clickup Pricing

Clickup offers 5 Pricing options for users to incorporate project management tools into their business.

The "Free Forever" plan comes at absolutely no cost and offers 100MB storage along with collaborative workspaces.

The "Unlimited" plan is priced at $9/user/month and provides unlimited integrations plus Gantt charts.

The "Business" plan is priced at $19/user/month and provides custom exporting plus advanced automation to further revolutionize your business.

The "Business plus" plan is priced at $29/user/month and provides custom subtasks and role creations.

The "Enterprise" plan offers all available features of Clickup. You can contact the sales team to get a quotation for this subscription.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is a highly effective project management software that allows users to collaborate and track project status whether working closely or remotely. You can access all interactions and project data within a single platform and transform the way you pursue tasks.

Basecamp Features

Here are some exclusive features of Basecamp:

Scalability: Unlike most project management tools, Basecamp does not charge organizations based on the number of users, helping you control costs while your business scales. So as your business requirements increase, Basecamp will start becoming more cost-effective for your operations.

Campfire: Campfire is the team chat feature offered by Basecamp; that connects you with your colleagues and team members. You can conversate, share documents or send links to reports in a two-way communication channel.

Automatic Check-ins: Basecamp allows users to create automatic check-in schedules to get regular task updates from their employees or subordinates. Basecamp will ask the inputted question on the set periods and organize the responses so you can go through them easily.

Client access: With Basecamp, you can add clients into relevant workspaces so they can oversee the progress. You can decide what is visible to your clients by setting a task status as "Team only" or "Client view". If you accidentally share an ongoing project or a private file, you can simply switch the task status to keep it from the clients.

Scheduling: You can design milestones and integrate them into the calendar. So you don't miss out on crucial deadlines or events. Moreover, Basecamp allows you to personalize the notifications. So you are not bombarded with work mails or reminders outside your work hours.

Cascading Notifications: Basecamp identifies which device you are using currently and sends project notifications on that device. If you're on a laptop or a desktop, you'll not get updates on your mobile and vice versa. It streamlines your work updates and helps you stay organized.

Trix: Basecamp offers a no-code text editor consistent with all devices. You can create content, write HTML codes for your website or drag in files and images from the database to simplify text editing tasks.

Colorcoding: With colorcoding, you can highlight valuable; documents, images or files to make them easily identifiable. It eliminates the need to scour through the entire database or project lifecycle to locate a relevant record.

Basecamp Pricing

Basecamp offers 2 Pricing options for users looking to incorporate efficient project management software into their personal life or business.

The "Basecamp Personal" provides 1GB storage and allows you; to add up to 20 users. You can manage 3 Projects simultaneously with this plan. It's a free subscription plan and is perfect for students of small-scale businesses.

The "Basecamp Business" provides you complete access to all available functionalities of Basecamp; You can add unlimited users without paying any extra amount. It is priced; at $99/month.

6. Notion

With Notion, you can capture thoughts, manage projects and handle your business. It gives you a clean open surface where you can plan your projects. Additionally, Notion is a customizable and scalable platform that handles your growing requirements effortlessly.

Notion Features

Here are some exclusive features of Notion:

Workflow Builder: Notion enables workflow customization without any constraints and allows you to define every single metric. Moreover, you can build multiple workflows for a project and utilize them depending on the current status. With Workflow builder, you can automate the recurring tasks and spend time on rewarding issues.

Digital Workspace: Notion offers a digital, scalable workspace that connects you with your work and team. It provides a flexible and configurable workstation that can be modified to fit your work requirement. With Notion, you can use built-in collaborative tools to work intuitively and transparently.

Team wiki: With Notion's team wiki, you can set up a centralized repository; of information that your business can refer to swiftly. It is configurable and offers pre-made templates to assist you. Additionally, the team wiki can be integrated: with third-party databases through Notion's built-in compatibility.

Digital Office: Notion ensures you can digitize your business processes and work collaboratively towards the company's success. It enables you to swiftly distribute the work among team members and track their hours to maintain transparency. With Notion, you will get all the requisite tools; to empower your business and reach your true potential.

Integrations: With Notion, you can rebrand your applications and get contextual details from other platforms. It offers integration with Jira, Slack and GitHub to centralize your project management. Additionally, you can automate tasks within other tools through Notion's workflows and maintain consistency. Notion's API supports custom integrations, allowing developers to build public integrations.

Notion Pricing

Notion offers 4 Pricing options that cater specific business requirements depending on your size and niche.

The "Personal" plan is priced at $0 and offers synchronization across devices. Additionally, you can create unlimited pages or blocks.

The "Personal Pro" plan is priced at $4/month upon annual billing and offers a 30 Day version history. Additionally, you can invite unlimited guest accounts.

The "Team" plan is priced at $8/month upon annual billing and offers a collaborative workspace. Additionally, you can invite unlimited team members and set sharing permissions.

The "Enterprise" plan has a customizable pricing option. It offers SAML SSO, user provisioning and a dedicated success manager.

Why use Project Management Software at all?

Businesses depend on fulfilling client projects to increase their revenue and improve organizational growth. Failure to do submission on time or going over the deadlines consistently builds a negative reputation for your company and impacts your business. With project management software, you can organize your daily work and stay on schedule for urgent issues.

Project management software provides you; with various tools that simplify planning, execution and monitoring. You can use reporting tools to analyze your employees' work rate or assign high-priority tasks to available team members. Project management software is crucial for every business to perform at its maximum capabilities and submit deliverables on time.

Why should you use Project Management Software for creative work?

Project management software has been widely used; by engineering teams to write codes and fix bugs. However, it's also useful for creative teams. When you're constantly juggling multiple campaigns and projects, you need a tool that organizes your workflow and helps you hit deadlines.

Creative teams frequently receive requests from outside the department. Project management software ensures you can streamline your order requests and address the client's requirements. It offers request management that lets team members from other departments submit a formal request.

Project management software standardizes the request process and gives you more control over work intake. Additionally, you can integrate several third-party applications to manage every work issue within one interface and avoid switching platforms.

Creative teams benefit from project management software's unified database that stores every relevant idea or information. You can empower your teams by keeping them within their work capacity and log their billable hours through Timesheets.

With project management software, your creativity reaches its maximum potential as you can focus completely on the planning phase without fretting over recurring tasks. You can create workflows and automation that simplify your work experience and give you ample time to come up with exciting initiatives.

Project management software for Creatives, A Summary

Project management tools are essentially built; to help you organize your workload and complete maximum projects efficiently. Creative professionals can manage their cluttered ideas with project management tools and successfully make better decisions to improve their productivity.

Adobe Workfront offers integration with all creative applications within the Adobe ecosystem. Moreover, it provides quality features that let you schedule projects and manage work. Workfront is our suggested pick for a project management software that suits creatives. Visit the website to get started.