5 Best Project Management Software with Invoicing

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The realm of project management software, offering robust features that solidify collaboration and efficiency.

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A software that streamlines tasks, offers a workflow builder, AI-powered analytics, and mobile accessibility.

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So, you are in the market for a project management software with invoicing.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Project Management Software with Invoicing

Project management software with integrated invoicing streamlines two critical business processes, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and payments are processed promptly. Such software provides a centralized platform for teams to collaborate, track progress, and manage resources while seamlessly generating and sending invoices for completed tasks or milestones. This dual functionality reduces manual data entry, minimizes errors, and fosters improved cash flow. Businesses leveraging this combined solution often experience enhanced productivity and better client relationships due to timely billing and transparent project updates.

1. Monday

Monday integrates client emails, collects leads with forms, and refines marketing campaigns through scrupulous analysis that greatly enhances your relationship with clients and creates more business opportunities. It’s an easy-to-use platform that simplifies organizational tasks for sales and marketing teams.

Monday Features

Here are some features that make Monday a unique CRM:

  • Software development: Monday provides templates to help your technical team quickly organize tasks, find bugs and improve iterations. You can add indicators to let the team know what you are working on and analyze the resource allocation. Every project has a specific ID that can be used; to track it among other tasks. Clients will automatically be alerted once the error is solved to reduce downtime and keep customers updated.
  • HR structuring: Monday lets users manage recruiting process and track employee progression through its HR tools such as Applicant Tracker, Employee Engagement, Attendance Tracker, Recruitment Tracker, and Vacation Tracker. You can boost the team spirit of your employees by creating specific goals and giving constructive feedback on their work.
  • Inventory Management: Businesses can record product and asset details while setting automation to get regular updates about sales and inquiries. You can create new templates to match the company’s requirements and integrate Monday with other applications to make the tasks easier. Moreover, Monday generates a unique QR code for each product so your clients can coherently buy the inventory.
  • Marketing and Creative attributes: Monday can bridge the gap between creative thinking and marketing strategies by merging them into a single platform. You can create visualizations on campaign effects, share ideas and create personalized operations to make information accessible for employees.
  • Sales operations: Monday offers CRM customization to make the leads attainable and manage all opportunity stages at a single interface. You can see the combined effect of marketing and sales campaigns to make adjustments accordingly. Moreover, businesses can centralize the available data for ease of use and synchronization of operations.
  • IT workspace: You can add educational content for new recruitments to learn skills faster and ensure quality work. Monday lets you set access permissions for tasks and strictly follows security protocols to prevent cyber attacks on your CRM database. You can integrate IT tools and put technical work in order on Monday.

Monday Pricing

Monday CRM offers 4 pricing options depending upon your business size and requirements.

“Individual” plan is free of cost and lets users record work-related activities. 

“Basic” plan is priced at $10/month for a single user and offers 5GB storage along with customer support.

“Standard” plan is worth $14/month for a single user and offers additional collaboration tools. 

“Pro” subscription costs $27/month for an individual and offers chart view along with time tracking.

“Enterprise” plan is made specifically for large businesses and includes quality security features. You can contact support to get a quote on the “Enterprise” package.

2. Smartsheet 

Smartsheet provides users with a plethora of features within a single unified interface, making it easier to successfully implement strategies for projects and assess the ongoing tasks. Businesses can easily streamline processes and increase efficiency to complete more projects and serve more clients.

Smartsheet Features

Here are some exclusive features of Smartsheet:

Team Collaboration: With Smartsheet, you can add relevant team members to the project workspace and provide a platform to discuss the next step and collaborate effectively. It ensures your business can work dynamically on a no-code platform and everyone is on-page with the latest advancements.

Workflow automation: Smartsheet provides powerful automation tools to manage repetitive tasks with unique workflows. It enables your team members to work on more demanding tasks and maintain a high level of productivity. Workflow automation empowers your business by allowing users to customize workflows as per their requirements and combine multiple actions for swift functioning.

Content management: Content production and management are essential for every business to entice clients into availing services. With Smartsheet, your designers have access to all relevant tools required to produce and review the content. You can include the content tasks within reporting tools to get a clear overview. It eliminates bottlenecks by allowing you to add multiple content reviewers and maintain a constant production rate.

Secure request management: Smartsheet offers a dynamic view of sharing control and access permissions. It enables you to maintain a reliable security level for business processes and manage the work requests; by using the pre-built form to accumulate and automate project data.

Governance administration: Smartsheet allows project managers to administer ongoing processes and assign the pending tasks to the available personnel. It heightens the security level; by providing you with complete visibility of all users. So you can successfully manage and change the access permissions.

Digital Asset Management: Smartsheet supports integration with Brandfolder, making it easier to manage your digital content, files and documentation. It empowers your creative teams to effectively distribute the assets among other users organize the asset metadata with intelligent tools.

Work Insights: Smartsheet provides quality insights to your employees. So they can easily complete the tasks by making better decisions. You can share work reports with the stakeholders and clients to keep them aligned; with the ongoing processes.

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet offers 3 Pricing options for users looking to streamline their business processes with quality project management tools.

The ” Pro” plan is priced at $9/user/month and provides access to the basic features of Smartsheet. It is ideal for individuals or new businesses interested in Smartsheet.

The “Business” plan is priced at $32/user/month and requires a minimum of 3 users. It allows you to create unlimited; Workflow automation and provides a Brandfolder integration.

The “Enterprise” plan allows you to customize your Smartsheet experience and choose the; features you require. You have to contact the sales team and mention your requirements to get a price quotation.

Additionally, you can opt for “Smartsheet advance” to get complete access to all features. It is further divided: into “Silver”, “Gold”, and “Platinum” plans. You can contact the sales team to get a price quotation.

3. Wrike

Wrike provides an optimized solution to businesses for project management requirements. Its greatest strength is its scalable platform that grows with your business requirements. With Wrike, you can enable a collaboration platform and maintain 360⁰ visibility into all operations.

Wrike Features

Here are some exclusive features of Wrike:

Reports: Wrike offers quality reporting tools that allow you to analyze your work and stay on top of everything. It provides a high-level overview of all your current projects and enables you to identify bottlenecks and drill down to deeper task levels in order to take timely action. Wrike also provides retrospective information on your completed projects and tasks.

Wrike Calendars: Wrike Calendars helps you; keep track of what you need to work on and when. With Wrike, you can create smart calendars based on your folders or projects and filter them through several criteria. You can also create; a classic calendar and be in full control of its content.

Custom Workflows: Wrike allows you; to create unique workflows and enables your team to work in a way they find most comfortable. You can create custom statuses within each workflow to; get a reflection of what stage your tasks are in. With Wrike, it’s much simpler to report on assignments and specify; who should be an assignee once a project has reached a particular status.

Custom Field creation: For a scaling business, you have to; track all sorts of data. With Wrike, you can create custom fields in your projects and tasks and populate them with the required information. You can design specific fields for the project’s budget, marketing campaigns and sales operations, making financial management a lot easier. Moreover, Wrike automatically runs calculations for the numeric data.

Request Forms: Wrike allows Request form creation for businesses dealing with tickets or requests. It enables you; to effortlessly capture all information from a client. Once done, Wrike automatically triggers a task or project based on the available information. You can predefine this information, like assignees or locations and share it with your colleagues while also making them available externally.

User Groups: You can create user groups within Wrike based on company departments, subteams, office locations or cross-departmental teams. This way, it’s extremely simple to share something with a specific group, and you can remain in touch with every project team.

Wrike Pricing

Wrike offers 5 Pricing options plus 2 Additional subscriptions for marketing and services delivery teams.

The “Free” plan comes at zero cost and offers basic task management capabilities along with a live activity stream. It is best for new users looking to get acquainted with Wrike.

The “Professional” plan is priced at $9.8/user/month and offers interactive Gantt charts plus shareable dashboards.

The “Business” plan is priced at $24.8/user/month and allows users to create custom fields or workflows according to their requirements.

The “Enterprise” and “Pinnacle plans are only available for businesses with 5+ users and offers all features of Wrike.They are suitable for established organizations. You can contact the sales team to get a price quotation.

The additional plans for; marketing and service delivery teams can also be availed: within Wrike. You can customize the subscription and get a price quotation by contacting the sales team.

4. Mavenlink

Mavenlink offers a cloud-based project management platform for professional businesses to improve organizational clarity and deal with the workload. It helps your service teams to understand the project expectations and distribute tasks to employees while adhering to the company’s latest requirements.

Mavenlink Features

Here are some exclusive features of Mavenlink:

Resource Management: Mavenlink offers advanced resource management tools that help you plan your project journey till the final stage. It addresses the entire resource management cycle by providing a collaborative platform for your employees. With Mavenlink, you can enable unparalleled resource visibility and gain the ability to identify changes.

Dynamic Resource Optimization: Mavenlink offers professional organizations the transformative ability to enable predictive outcomes and optimize resource planning for a limitless scaling experience. With Mavenlink, you get real-time responsiveness designed; to continuously improve your operations. It allows you to; easily recognize changes in demand and supply while exploring impacts on your revenue and margins.

Project Workspace: Mavenlink’s project workspace is highly efficient and effective, unlike its competitors. You can view the upcoming tasks and ensure all submissions are made on time to avoid any conflicts. It offers you the ability to easily improvise and adapt to the client’s requirements and deliver the best services.

Business Intelligence: Mavenlink understands that the projects are core to; every business’s success and optimizes every step in the lifecycle around your clients. It automatically enables the selling phase once the services are demanded; by a client and updates the upcoming procedures regularly. Mavenlink helps you estimate, gather and align the right resources on the right projects, helping you stay efficient.

Integrations and Workflows: Mavenlink offers M-Bridge that helps you integrate all necessary tools for your organization’s ample development. It can be easily connected; to a CRM like Salesforce. So you can create a single working platform for your client and project management. Additionally, it equips you to configure workflows to suit your needs and create custom rules.

Operations Management: Mavenlink allows users; to robustly collaborate on projects and get a full perspective on every detail. So they can make the right decisions. You can improve execution by creating a scenario for every project and giving your team a blueprint for approaching the task.

Mavenlink Pricing

Mavenlink offers custom pricing options based on your business industry and tool requirements. To get a pricing quote, fill up your niche market, mention the size of your company and the location of headquarters. Once done, Mavenlink’s sales team will reach out to you with the best-customized plan on the provided contact details.

5. Paymo

Paymo is an innovative project management tool used by the world’s leading companies to serve the demands of clients and reduce delays or disruptions. It offers several functionalities to ensure you can handle all your project requirements within one interface and avoid switching between multiple channels.

Paymo Features

Here are some exclusive features of Paymo:

Pomodoro Timer: Pomodoro technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. Paymo provides a Pomodoro Timer interface within its platform and lets you customize the length of each Pomodoro session. The Pomodoro fills up to visually signal the progress of your work session.

Advanced Gantt charts: Paymo’s Gantt charts offer visual indicators to show; your project status more vividly. You can visually monitor the progress of each task. Paymo’s Gantt charts signify the amount of time tracked based; proportionally on the task’s hourly budget. To ensure that you never go over budget, you can see the exact number of tracked worked hours vs each task’s total budgeted hours.

Online Proofing and Version Control: Paymo simplifies the design approval process. When you’re ready to leave feedback on a designed asset, you can open the task attachment to enter the file proofing and versioning editor. Here, you can leave comments about future alterations and additional instructions.

Task Views: Paymo allows you to change the task display format depending on your preferred work style. With the table view, you can get detailed information in a tabular format. You can view the tracked time against each task’s hourly budget. With Paymo’s task views, you can conveniently manage your issues and adhere to the deadlines.

Timesheets: Paymo’s Timesheet resembles a calendar that displays the past time. It records your time log and hours spent on several tasks. So you can analyze whether you’re distributing your efforts smartly. With Paymo’s Timesheet, you can see the tracked time for a task, project and client. It enables you to prioritize urgent tasks and see which employees are available to execute them.

Paymo Pricing

Paymo offers 3 Pricing options with specific features to help you plan and implement your project strategies.

The “Free” plan costs $0 and is usable by up to 10 users. You can serve unlimited clients, use task views, do native time tracking and create up to 3 Time reports within this subscription.

The “Small Office” plan is priced: at $11.95/user/month, and you can add unlimited users. It offers a Meta Task board, unlimited time entries, active timers, In-app tech support and 50 GB storage.

The “Business” plan is priced at $18.95/user/month and comes without any user limit. It offers free Onboarding and Training, advanced Gantt charts, Employee leave management, online remote assistance and 100 GB of storage.

Why use a Project Management Tool at all ?

Using a project management tool centralizes task tracking, enhances team collaboration, and ensures timely completion of projects. It provides clear visibility into project progress, allocates resources efficiently, and mitigates risks. By streamlining workflows and facilitating communication, such tools boost productivity, reduce overhead, and ensure stakeholders stay informed, leading to improved project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Why opt for Project Management Software with Invoicing ?

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficiency and seamless integration are more important than ever. Combining project management and invoicing into one software solution offers businesses a competitive edge by optimizing two integral functions. Let’s delve into the reasons why this combination is gaining traction.

A project management software equipped with invoicing capabilities reduces the need to juggle between multiple platforms. Traditionally, once a project milestone was reached or a task completed, the relevant details would have to be manually transferred to a separate invoicing system. This not only consumes valuable time but also increases the likelihood of errors. By integrating these functions, the software can automatically generate invoices based on project progress, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 

Timely billing is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow. With integrated invoicing, as soon as a project task is marked complete, an invoice can be generated, reviewed, and sent out without delay. 

This speeds up the payment process and ensures that businesses don’t face cash crunches due to delayed billing. Regular invoicing also helps in building trust with clients, as they receive consistent and transparent billing based on tangible milestones.

Having a unified system means that all team members, from project managers to accountants, have access to the same information. This promotes transparency and ensures everyone is on the same page. For instance, a project manager can quickly check if a client has pending payments before initiating the next phase of a project. Conversely, the finance team can easily track the progress of tasks to determine future invoicing schedules.

Clients appreciate clarity and promptness. When they receive timely invoices that directly correlate with project milestones, it reinforces trust and transparency. Integrated systems can also provide clients with a portal to view project status and associated bills in real-time, further enhancing the client-business relationship.

While there’s an initial investment in adopting a comprehensive project management and invoicing tool, the long-term savings are significant. Businesses can reduce costs associated with manual data entry, error rectifications, and delayed payments. Moreover, by using a single software solution, training costs and time are minimized as employees only need to familiarize themselves with one system.

In a world where businesses are constantly looking for ways to optimize operations and improve client relations, a project management software with invoicing capabilities emerges as a smart choice. It not only simplifies processes but also provides an integrated approach to business management, ensuring profitability and sustained growth.

Project Management Software with Invoicing, A Summary 

Integrating project management with invoicing software streamlines operations, enhances cash flow, and fosters transparency. This unified approach boosts efficiency, strengthens client relationships, and ensures cost-efficiency, making it a pivotal tool for modern businesses.

Monday excels as a project management software with invoicing due to its intuitive interface and robust features.

it seamlessly merges task tracking with financial processes, ensuring projects progress smoothly while maintaining financial transparency. 

With customizable workflows, real-time collaboration, and automated invoicing triggers, Monday reduces manual work and potential errors. 

Its visual dashboards provide instant insights into project status and finances, making it a top choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive, integrated solution.

What Project Management Software would you recommend?

In short, It’s Monday.com.

It’s a platform that simplifies communication across teams and helps hit goals faster, with team management software that maximizes productivity and empowers everyone to work smarter together. You can’t go wrong with Monday.com.

“🚀Try Monday.com For Free, It’s my favorite Project Management Software to use and recommend.” -Scott Max

Monday.com is a user-friendly project management platform that offers powerful tools to streamline complex workflows for larger companies, ensuring efficient operations and delivering impressive project outcomes. Monday.com has you covered for your: Team Projects, Service, Sales, CMS, Operations, and Marketing needs.

For more details, read our Monday.com Review.