The Best Online Course Platforms To Use (Free & Paid)

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An educational platform, transforming learning with interactive tools and engaging resources for students.

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An online learning platform empowering learners with a wide array of expert-led education.

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An online learning platform providing access to top-quality courses from renowned universities and institutions.

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Learning new skills is essential to increase revenue streams and succeeding in this ever-growing digital world. Traditional college degrees may help you land a job but only teach the generic course, which is not viable in the corporate world in the long run.

With a significant rise in the Internet during the last two decades, several knowledge streams are now available to learn new things. Many teachers and coaches post online lectures and courses to help students study whatever they want virtually.

Online Course Platforms help you browse several lessons posted by top course creators. You can check your progress at the end of every chapter by testing yourself with quizzes and assessments. Moreover, coaches can post multiple courses and offer promotional deals to increase sales.

In this article, we’ll enlist the must-have features of an online course platform. We will also provide a descriptive list of the best options.

What Online Course Platform would you recommend?

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What Features to look for in an Online Course Platform?

Online Course Platforms help course creators to sell their classes and monetize knowledge sharing. Similarly, by paying the fees, anyone can access these courses and enhance their skills for better work opportunities.

Online course platforms bridge the gap between knowledge sharing by providing a virtual classroom where students can get an immersive and interactive education.

Any online course platform should offer course creation and hosting, analytics, and interactive learning.

However, quality online course platforms offer advanced functionalities to accelerate your profile growth. Here are some advanced attributes you should consider while buying an online course platform:

  • Marketing: You should be able to offer promotional deals and market your courses.
  • Affiliate Management: You should be able to manage affiliate contracts and pay partnership fees.
  • Sales Funnels: Quality online course platforms offer in-built funnels to optimize the sales process.
  • Website Builder: You should be able to design custom landing pages.
  • Course Progress: You should be able to check your student’s course progress and add quizzes or assignments to the chapters.

With the above-enlisted features, you’ll have the tools in your arsenal to sell courses adequately.

What are the Best Online Course Platforms?

It depends on your audience, course type, and budget. Some coaches prefer an all-in-one creation and marketing platform, while others with stringent budgets look for a Course hosting solution. However, we have prepared this guide with all factors in mind to help you pick the best online course platforms.

Here are the best online course platform options in 2023:

1. Coursera

Coursera is a super-popular open online education platform. Launched in 2012 and partnered with major universities and companies, Coursera offers all types of accredited courses. With Coursera, you can surpass the learning limitations and advance or switch your career by completing professional courses.

Moreover, Coursera assists governments in providing sought-after skills and learning paths on a national scale. With Coursera, governments can develop regionally relevant career pathways and upskill the workforce.

Coursera has partnerships with over 200 institutions worldwide and offers more than 3,000 courses, certificates, projects, and specializations to millions of learners. In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coursera, along with partners, sponsored more than 115 certification courses for students, stakeholders, and individuals that could have been affected by the global pandemic.

Coursera Features

Here are some exclusive features of Coursera:

Premium Education Provider: Coursera is the premier provider of online education, giving you the power to create positive changes in your career progression. Coursera’s educational offerings span the spectrum, from personally developed courses, like “The Science of Well-Being at Yale” program to workforce-upskilling programs by companies such as Google and IBM.

Team Empowerment: Coursera offers businesses the transformative skill development solution for empowering teams with high-impact skills that drive information, competitiveness and growth. With Coursera, you can enable hands-on learning to drive rapid skill acquisition. Additionally, Coursera allows you to monitor skill development and benchmark proficiency against industrial peers.

Coursera For Students: With Coursera, educational institutions can promote student employability by teaching in-demand skills for high-growth fields. It helps students master job-ready skills with guided projects, programming assignments and in-course assessments. Coursera empowers every university to offer job-relevant, credit-ready online education; to students and faculty.

Quality Learning: Coursera offers access to top-rated online degree programs from top universities. Now, you do not need to leave your job or relocate to a new city in order to get your bachelor’s degree from a leading university. Coursera has partnerships with leading universities. So that you get the same degree, follow the same course, and learn from the same experts in the field of top-tier professors that students do on campus.

Interactive and Engaging: Online degrees at Coursera are powered: by technology to help you form meaningful connections with faculty and peers. From live, online lectures to asynchronous, self-paced classes, you choose what works for you. At each stage of your learning journey, you will have access to an online student support team, a class facilitator, and a peer network. 

Coursera Pricing

Coursera offers solutions for Teams, Universities and Governments to upskill their workforce, students and citizens.

The “Team” plan is priced at $399 for upto 125 users and offers a catalogue of 5000+ courses from top universities. You can opt for the “Enterprise” plan if you have more than 125 users in your organization.

Coursera offers 3 Subscription plans for Universities.

The “Basic” plan is free and offers access to guided projects, assessments, and quizzes. Additionally, students get verified certificates upon course completion.

The “Career Academy” plan offers an on-demand pricing quote and provides industry micro-credentials, plagiarism tracking and role-based career exploration.

The “Full Catalog” plan offers an on-demand pricing quote and provides private authorizing tools, skill configuration, online proctoring and plagiarism flagging.

Coursera offers an on-demand pricing quote for its government solution. It helps you empower citizens and upskill public officials.

Coursera Discounts and Coupons

Coursera currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its online educational platform.

Coursera Free Trial

Coursera is free to use for everyone. However, there are some limitations on course and certification selection.

Coursera, A short how-to guide

Coursera is an online education platform offering thousands of courses, including majors, Individual courses and 16 online degrees, Coursera offers 400 groups of courses known as Specializations, Career Certificates, and MasterTracks. 

Coursera has partnerships with 200+ leading universities, such as (Imperial College & Stanford), providing accredited degrees online once a course is completed. While the majority of courses at Coursera are auditable for free, students need to pay to gain access to the grading assignments and the certificates of the courses. 

Its free online-learning offerings ended on Dec. 31, 2020, but many of the courses available for free through Auditing at Coursera Inc. are still available. While most courses offered via Coursera’s main site include an auditing option for free, students may not receive grades for assignments, and may not be allowed access to some elements of courses.

2. SkillShare

Skillshare is an online course platform that offers video classes for several creative topics. With unlimited access to a vast array of online lectures, SkillShare provides the perfect balance between concrete skill-building and aspirational learning, helping students flourish in the real world.

SkillShare is the largest online creative education platform, featuring thousands of courses and classes created by professionals from various fields to help budding creators learn new skills. SkillShare classes are curated to work with real-life situations, so you can find inspiration that fits into your schedule and keep moving forward with your creative journey without putting life on hold.

SkillShare Features

Here are some exclusive features of SkillShare:

Classroom Projects: Maximum SkillShare courses involve classroom projects for students to work on while learning a specific subject or skill. Their workshops are a collection of guided classes and allow skills to be learned: according to the designated program established by the SkillShare team or an instructor. SkillShare is a place for learners and teachers to hone their skills and share experiences since SkillShare provides opportunities to learn and network.

Shared Learning Experience: SkillShare does not offer individual classes, as skillshare is all about a shared learning experience. SkillShare lessons are composed of single lectures, whereas projects combine several related lesson sets curated by either SkillShare or other teachers and users. 

Switch Classes at Ease: One of the advantages of unlimited Classes on SkillShare is if you sign up for one class and do not like it, you can find another course/teacher to study that subject with. Additionally, the quality of lectures and the learning experience are generally top-tier.

Class Creation: Becoming a teacher on SkillShare is simple. In case educators want to spread their passion and skills to learners all over the world, they can do so by creating a lesson, providing a description, and publishing it. With SkillShare’s Class Creation System guide, educators can create classes without much effort. The platform offers step-by-step instructions, from designing and posting the lecture; to advertising it by creating a channel. 

Monetization: SkillShare helps Makers, Professionals, and Business-Inspired Individuals make money. It pays instructors when students sign up for classes and watch their video lessons. In addition, they may earn revenue from every referred student that chooses to subscribe to the Premium Edition. On the other hand, premium users get unlimited access to a catalogue of premium classes. 

SkillShare Pricing

SkillShare offers region-based membership options for its online course platform. You must start with a free trial spanning 7 Days and choose the pricing option in the “Payments” section.

SkillShare Free Trial

SkillShare allows users to start for free by; using its 7 Day free trial. You need to input the card details, but SkillShare won’t charge you before the trial period ends.

SkillShare Discounts and Coupons

SkillShare currently does not offer discounts or coupons for its online course platform.

SkillShare, A short how-to guide

To start using SkillShare, you must sign up for the 7 Days free trial. You can do so by using your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

Once done, you’ll be redirected: to the course section inside SkillShare. Here, you can select between several creative classes and enrol in a course. Once done, you’ll get access to the virtual classroom and can complete assignments or projects to enhance your skills.

Click on “Certifications” to view your completed courses and earned certifications. You can pin your certificates to your SkillShare profile.

3. Skool

Skool puts your community course and event schedule together in one place and provides a single login with a unified search. Skool uses gamification to make education engaging and fun. Students earn points by adding value to others and leveling up by learning. The top students get shown on the leaderboards.

With Skool, you can post, like, comment, attach files, and organize polls. Skool has rich user profiles with activity charts, contributions, course progress, and bios. You can find posts, comments, course content, and members with one search. Additionally, admins can email and broadcast all their students with a click.

Skool Features

Here are some exclusive features of Skool:

Community and Classroom: Skool offers a dedicated space for group discussions. You can interact with other Skool users in the community section and participate in polls. With Skool’s community, your engagement increases and helps you learn collectively with other students. Moreover, you can put your courses in the same place as your community. Skool enhances your course completion rate by offering progress tracking and searchable transcripts.

Scheduling and Gamification: Skools allows users to schedule group events within the calendar. It ensures more people attend your live sessions by sending reminder emails before the Livestream starts. Moreover, you can make your courses fun by offering rewards and creating a gamified experience. It increases the learner’s motivation and incentivizes engagement by unlocking higher-level courses.

Email Broadcasts: Skool lets you broadcast emails to all members with one click. You don’t need to segment your mailing lists, as Skool automatically sends the broadcasted emails to all members. Additionally, you can chat with members, follow interesting posts, tune your preferences and get email digests of popular posts. With Skool, you can use 1 Profile for all the communities, courses, or groups.

Search and Metrics: Skool offers a single search box to help you find posts, comments, course content, or members. Once you type a keyword in the search box, Skool will automatically pull up all the relevant posts, discussions, or mentions of the keyword. You can also monitor community health with a single dashboard and critical metrics. With Skool, you can track growth, engagement, and progress at the group or member level.

Auto Affiliate: Skool helps you increase student enrollments and monetization by offering a 40% monthly subscription for every one of your members that creates a group. With Skool, you can have an additional income source and generate maximum revenue from your affiliations and courses.

Skool Pricing

Unlike other online course platforms, Skool offers one Subscription plan with everything included. There are no hidden fees, and you can create unlimited courses. You can buy the subscription for $99 per month.

Skool Discounts and Coupons

Skool currently does not offer discounts or coupons for its online course platform.

Skool Free Trial

Skool offers a 14 Day free trial for its online course hosting platform.

Skool, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Skool account, you’ll enter the “Website” section. Here, you can access your websites created or integrated with Skool.

Click on “Products” to start building your courses. All your existing lessons or classes will also appear under this section. Go to the “Sales” tab to manage funnels and access Skool’s built-in CRM.

Click on “Marketing” to devise affiliate campaigns and see performance metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Go to the “People” tab to access your contact directory and see past interactions. You can click “Settings” to connect your existing domain with Skool.

4. Teachable

With Teachable’s online course platform, you can easily create lessons, upload videos or audio files as course materials, and sell your courses using an easy check-out process. Overall, Teachable offers plenty of templates and themes, making it easy to build a nice-looking website quickly. Still, more experienced users can customize their sites to have even greater control over their appearance.

Teachable is undoubtedly one of the most popular online learning platforms today, offering users all they need to build, market, and sell their courses. Teachable now has over 20,000 active courses, over five million students, and over 10,000 instructors online. Teachable may not be as flashy or beautiful as some newer platforms, but with so many students navigating its marketplace, its network is second to none in online course creation.

Teachable Features

Here are some exclusive features of Teachable:

Student Feedback and Educational tools: Teachable’s online course platform offers rudimentary quizzes to help instructors measure students learning progress with multiple-choice questions. The system grades quiz automatically, which is a neat feature that spares instructors from having to score them manually. Teachable also helps you gather student feedback and discover insights into your courses using Google Forms and surveys.

Course Creation: Whether running a self-paced, cohort-based, or live-coaching class, you can do all that here at Teachable. You can build your courses or coaching services fast with their intuitive drag-and-drop creator, plus sell instantly with a built-in custom sales page builder. Moreover, Teachable offers exclusive eCommerce features to help you expand your reach in the marketplace. 

Teachable Pay: With TeachablePay, you can get paid fast, at the time of your choosing. Additionally, you can use ad-hoc, student-facing features such as comments, quizzes, and certifications for completion to promote student learning outcomes and satisfaction. You can use the affiliate marketing tools to sign up partners to promote your business on Teachable. Then, automate payments to collaborators using the BackOffice, which is only available with Teachable Pay.

Scale with Teachable: Create as many courses as you like with Teachable. Repurpose the content and lectures easily so that you can grow faster. Plus, their bulk download functionality allows you to transfer student data and courses from another platform seamlessly. Take your business to greater heights by growing your audience or finding new ways to drive revenue.

Business Management: Do business wherever you want without worrying about the tax headache. Whether remittances or tax forms, you can use Teachable’s learnable taxes to avoid collecting them manually. Understand the productivity of your business and actively adapt strategies with Teachable’s Advanced Data Reporting. They offer user-friendly reports of sales volumes and student engagement that can help you make data-informed decisions.

Teachable Pricing

Teachable offers four subscription plans for its online course creation platform:

The “Free” plan is priced at $0 and allows you to create 1 Course. Additionally, it offers an integrated website builder and charges $1 + 10% transaction fees on sales.

The “Basic” plan is priced at $39/month and allows you to create 5 Courses. Additionally, it offers a custom domain, direct integrations and email marketing. It charges 5% transaction fees on sales.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $119/month and allows you to create unlimited courses. Additionally, it offers 5 Admin users, public API and affiliate marketing. There are no transaction fees on sales with this pricing option.

The “Advanced” plan offers an on-demand pricing option and customizable features with plan limits. It does not charge any transaction fees and offers advanced theme customization.

Teachable Discounts and Coupons

Teachable currently offers a 25% discount on its annual subscription plans. However, there are no coupons for the monthly pricing options.

Teachable Free Trial

Teachable offers a free plan with some limitations for first-time users to get acquainted with the platform. Choose the “Free” plan during the sign-up to start using Teachable.

Teachable, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Teachable account, you’ll enter the “My Schools” section. Here, you’ll see the schools you’re currently enrolled in. Click on a school to access its studying material and see course progress.

Click “Create New School” to design a new course for your students. First, you must enter the name of your school. Next, answer some basic personal questions.

Once done, you’ll enter the home section of your school. Here, you can see the dashboard for insights, manage your products and bundles, and do email marketing.

5. Thinkific

Thinkific is a library of powerful, effective apps that help add enhanced capabilities to the course creation and delivery processes. The Thinkific platform makes it easy for the creators to adapt their courses and incorporate unique, complex features. Thinkific has revolutionized how individuals make money and learn online by creating a comprehensive platform for course creators and their audiences. 

Thinkific is laser-focused on being the best platform to build online courses and integrates with the best-of-breed tools creators are already using. Thinkific offers a robust suite of tools to help you create an elegant, engaging website where users can come and buy your online class. Thinkific offers the following course templates; Blank, Mini-Course, Flagship Course, Pre-Sell, Digital Download, Membership Resource Library, and Replay Webinar.

Thinkific Features

Here are some exclusive features of Thinkific:

Learning Facilitation: Learning a new skill has increasingly become essential over the past few years. Especially during these uncertain times, finding more avenues of earning and learning is necessary. Thinkific offers every tool you can think of to help you reach a wider audience and easily facilitate authentic progressive learning.

Complete Control: Thinkific lets you decide the content of your online course and its presentation with an extensive range of eye-catching and aesthetic website themes, design and customization tools that will further help you customize your learning courses. Moreover, Thinkific allows you to set up a personal domain with branding, creating a unique platform for your online lesson.

Support System: Thinkific has one of the best customer support teams ready and willing to assist and answer queries immediately and efficiently. With over 50000 creators on the platform, you have a community’s worth of knowledge and assistance to support you. Moreover, with Thinkific, you can further tap into different online courses to enhance your expertise.

Integration: Thinkific offers seamless and stress-free integration with your existing website or CRM system. Thinkific offers 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring, consistent and dependable cloud hosting and advanced security. Thinkific makes it easy to impart your skill and expertise the best way you see fit.

Maximize Profits: Suppose you are already making some profit with your courses. In that case, you are better off giving Thinkific a shot right off the bat, as they will allow you to utilize Drip, coupons, affiliate marketing tools, and email marketing integration. It has a user-friendly experience for creating courses, and you can fully use the software. The Thinkific Platform is not the most sophisticated one on the market, but it is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for aspiring beginners and established course builders.

Site Builder: Site Builder is just a part of Thinkific’s administrative dashboard and enables you to create a compelling homepage for your course. You can create your whole product, from content to landing pages and checkout, within the Thinkific Course Builder. In the Thinkific backend, you can manage the curriculum of your courses using a fully drag-and-drop learning content editor.

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific offers 4 Pricing options for its online course-hosting platform.

The “Free” plan is priced at $0 and offers a drag-and-drop course builder, website themes, course quizzes and two spaces per community.

The “Basic” plan is priced at $49/month and offers custom domain, affiliate selling, 0 transaction fee and five spaces per community.

The “Start” plan is priced at $99/month and offers fantastic student experience, assignments, live lessons and advanced website code editing.

The “Grow” plan is priced at $199/month and offers unlimited courses, 3 Communities, bulk enrollments, custom branding and 20 spaces per community.

Thinkific Discounts and Coupons

Thinkific is currently offering a 33% Holiday discount till New Year’s Eve on its monthly subscription plans. Additionally, you can opt for annual billing to get an extra 25% off.

Thinkific Free Trial

Thinkific offers an entirely free plan for its online course hosting platform. However, it has limitations, and you can only create one course.

Thinkific, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Thinkific account, you’ll see the “My Courses” section. Here, you can see the courses you’ve already created.

Click on “Course” to view the student-related statistics. You can also analyze the impact of your affiliate marketing campaigns within this section.

Go to the “Site Builder” to use a drag-and-drop course builder. Here, you can also create custom landing pages for your visitors.

Click on “Marketing and Sales” to set up promotional offers for your courses or do retargeting and search engine optimization.

6. WizIQ

WizIQ is a web-based and completely responsive online course hosting platform, enabling instructors and students to access it anytime there is an Internet connection. Moreover, WizIQ can be updated just as quickly as you create new content. It has various features, like course management, virtual classes, streaming videos, content authoring, tests and assignments, and much more.

WizIQ offers virtual classroom, course production and sale, plus the creation of tests, assignments, and complete reports. WizIQ also provides its proprietary e-commerce platform, where users can sell their packaged courses to users.

WizIQ Features

Here are some exclusive features of WizIQ:

eCommerce: WizIQ offers its free proprietary WizIQ e-commerce platform where you can sell your courses, helping you to avoid 3rd-party software and extra transaction fees. With the cloud-based WizIQ Learning Management Software, you can easily create brand-name training portals for providing education via virtual training or live classes.

Interactive Virtual Classroom: A WizIQ Virtual Classroom comes equipped with real-time collaboration tools such as live chat, two-way audio and video communications, a whiteboard, and content (.doc,.docx,.pdf,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.pps,.ppsx,.swf,.flv, and YouTube videos). The module allows Moodle users to schedule and conduct online classes through the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

Administration and Accessibility: Any teacher or administrator of a Moodle classroom can schedule a live class by selecting a WizIQ Live class in the Add activity drop-down in the Moodle classroom. Administrators and teachers can choose WizIQ Live Class to create a new lecture for their courses, just like they would do with any other standard activity.

Seamless Communication: WizIQ supports student-teacher interactions by allowing users to message other users included on the contacts list. This keeps everyone connected, helps build friendships and encourages learning. WizIQ has deployed a knowledgeable team that responds to the client’s queries and concerns; within a short time span. So, if you are ever having problems using the platform, there is someone that you can ask for help.

Ease of Access: WizIQ provides students easy access to courses they have taken before and allows them to share views and ideas on a topic. This gives teachers a sense of how their students are perceiving a course and ways of improving their lectures or even pedagogical strategies.

WizIQ Pricing

WizIQ offers custom pricing quotes for its online course platform’s subscription plans. Additionally, it also offers a free version.

WizIQ Free Trial

WizIQ offers a free version of its online course hosting platform but limits the attendees to 10.

WizIQ Discounts and Coupons

WizIQ has a custom pricing option, so it doesn’t offer any discounts or coupons.

WizIQ, A short how-to guide

Once you install and create a WizIQ account, you’ll be redirected: to the Home section. Here, you can conduct live classes and share the invitation link with your students.

You can use various interactive tools and multiple whiteboards during your lecture by clicking on the side menu in your virtual classroom. Additionally, you can add a “Raise Hand” widget to take questions and queries from students.

Click on “Course Creation” to upload lecture videos related to a lesson. You can make your course accessible to the students by sharing its unique invitation link.

7. Udemy

Udemy is the largest online learning platform, with over 35 million students enrolling in over 1,000,000 courses. It is an established platform offering online courses to students who are studying at top universities. Many other online course providers have caught up with some of the early advantages Udemy had, replicating certain parts of their course offerings. Still, Udemy remains the best learning destination, as they have the most current library of courses, the best pricing as far as value for money goes, and, most importantly, they give students access to the instructors.

Udemy is a part of a growing movement to offer MOOCs outside the traditional university system and is renowned for the diversity of the courses provided. Udemy has received mentions from The New York Times, The China Post, Fast Company, BBC, and TechCrunch. Additionally, Mashable describes it as an experience rivalling a real-world classroom, which can be a valuable tool for teachers and students in various subjects.

Udemy Features

Here are some exclusive features of Udemy:

Self-paced Learning: Udemy Business Self-paced learning modules extend student learning opportunities, improve employee career development, and provide a medium for instructors to augment course content. You can get the app to explore the vast Udemy library of 3,400+ topics with advanced online video courses on Coding, Development, Python, Java, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Design, Drawing, Photography, and more.

Complete Course Guide: Udemy offers tips, instructions and data about the types of courses students are looking for, according to keywords and subject searches. Udemy’s best areas are personal development and career advancement, offering excellent leadership training, software training, programming courses, and much more. It provides over 200,000 online courses ranging from beginners to advanced levels, covering fields like IT & Software, Office Productivity, Business, Finance and Accounting, Design, Marketing, and much more.

Unique Model: Udemy operates under a unique model in which any expert in the subject area can record their course and share it in the site’s marketplace. Udemy has enabled online education by allowing experts and instructors worldwide to post their classes to the site. Udemy has more than 100000 courses, with 24 million students registered worldwide.

Course Creation: Using the course design tools on Udemy, instructors can upload videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, ZIP files, and live classes to build courses. Udemy welcomes instructors who wish to create courses and sell them. When an instructor joins Udemy to make and sell courses, Udemy provides guidelines for the appropriate pricing depending on content and duration. An instructor’s payout on Udemy depends on how many people purchase or view their courses and how they learn about a class.

Complete Transparency: While no universities accredit Udemy, nor do courses count towards degrees, classes can help amateur learners better understand topics in professional or academic settings. For most courses on Udemy, it will list instructors’ biographies and credentials on course descriptions for reference. If you have a question about the lesson you are taking, you can look up answers to your questions under Q&A or ask the instructor.

Udemy Pricing

Udemy’s pricing options start from $42.99, depending on your region and the course you’re taking.

Businesses can opt for a “Team” plan to elevate their workforce’s skills. The “Team” plan also offers a custom pricing quote.

Udemy Discounts and Coupons

Udemy currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its courses. However, you should continue checking the website, as Udemy is notorious for introducing sudden sales and discount offers.

Udemy Free Trial

Udemy allows you to do a free sign-up for its online course platform. However, you must purchase the courses before you can access the lessons.

Udemy, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Udemy account, you’ll enter the Home section. Here, you’ll see course recommendations from Udemy based on your interests. You can purchase a class by adding it to the cart and completing the checkout.

Click on “My Learning” to create a learning schedule for your different Udemy courses. By clicking on “Learning Tools”, you can get push notifications on your mobile device to get reminders about completing your course.

Click on “Teach on Udemy” to start uploading and selling your courses on the Udemy marketplace. Go to “Subscriptions” to view your ongoing subscription plan and Udemy credits. You can use the Udemy credits to purchase a course from the Udemy marketplace.

8. Podia

Podia is a learning management system and online course creation platform that helps you create, host, launch, sell and manage your online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and memberships. With Podia, you can get recurring payments from your audience by providing them with continuous services.

Podia gives you everything you need to grow at each stage of your journey. It lets you build a website, host a community and start selling digital products, all for free. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a thriving business, Podia can help you reach the next milestone. Additionally, it enables you to give your website, products, and community a clean, professional look that’s easy to build yourself.

Podia Features

Here are some exclusive features of Podia:

Online Courses: Podia makes it easy to build an online course with a beautiful and clean look that your customers will love. You can customize your entire site in minutes without designing or coding skills. With Podia, you can add media and testimonials to your sales page, customize branding, control all elements on your layout and see real-time previews. Additionally, you can ensure your course students genuinely understand your material with a multiple-choice quiz at the end of your lessons.

Digital Downloads: Podia allows creators to sell digital downloads like eBooks and worksheets. You can build your subscribers by offering some products for free. With Podia, a free digital download product is all it takes to provide a lead magnet. Moreover, when you host your products in Podia, you can automatically use the upsell feature to offer additional recommendations after a sale. With Podia, you can create a clean, professional-looking sales page.

Affiliate Marketing: With Podia, you can build your affiliate program and invite whomever you want. Whether that means past customers who wish to help sell your work, affiliate marketers who promote your launches for commission, or other creators with whom you collaborate and swap marketing. Podia makes it easy to pay people commissions for promoting your product by allowing you to set custom amounts for milestones or use a default site-wide commission structure.

Email Marketing: Podia gives you the power of an email marketing platform without paying extra. You can send broadcast emails, build automated funnels, and get rich email analytics to the exact ROI. Podia allows you to make your email list by adding email signup forms to any page on your Podia site. You can share one-off updates with your entire list or send more targeted updates to specific segments. You can also track and analyze open rates, clicks, conversion rates, and more from your dashboard.

Embeds: With Podia, you can ember product listings for your course, membership, or download. You can create a customized button, product card, or hyperlink to sell your online course. You can copy-and-paste a code snippet into any site, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Unbounce, LeadPages, and more. Embedding ensures your site visitors can buy your products without leaving the page.

Podia Pricing

Podia offers 4 Pricing options for its online course hosting platform.

The “Free” plan is priced at $0 and charges 8% transaction fees. It offers one download and coaching product, email marketing, draft courses, and community.

The “Mover” plan is priced at $39/month and charges no transaction fees. It offers a complete website, unlimited downloads and coaching, draft webinars, and chat support.

The “Shaker” plan is priced at $89/month and offers affiliate marketing, unlimited course and webinar creation, embedded checkout, and link tracking.

The “Earthquaker” plan is priced at $199/month and offers priority support, onboarding calls, custom branding, and unlimited email campaigns.

Podia Discounts and Coupons

Podia currently does not offer discounts or coupons for its monthly subscription plans. However, you can save upto 17% by opting for annual billing.

Podia Free Trial

Podia offers a free plan with several advanced features like email marketing, draft bundles, and chat support. However, you will be charged an 8% transaction fee and can only create 1 Coaching product.

Podia, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Podia account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can see the overview of your analytics, like customers, subscribers, sales, and revenue.

Click on “Products” to see your existing courses or create a new one. You can go to the “Community” to access the templates from other Podia users or ask queries.

Next, the “Email” tab takes you to the email marketing section. Here, you can broadcast emails with personalized messages for better customer interaction.

Click on “Coupons” to create promotional deals for your courses or digital products. You can go to the “Audience” tab to see your leads and clients.

Click on the “Affiliates” tab to manage your affiliate or devise marketing strategies. Next, the “Sales” tab shows you the sales statistics of your courses or digital products.

9. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a course content creation platform that claims to be more adaptable and technologically superior to its competitors. LearnWorlds helps you engage learners with interactive videos, group sessions, assessments, or surveys. With its beautifully laid-out interface, you get the most versatile course experience.

LearnWorlds is a user-friendly and robust online learning platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises. It was built in 2014 and has grown with a strong base of passionate users.

LearnWorlds includes features to help you schedule your course content, conduct live classes, and support student engagement. Overall, LearnWorlds is excellent for creating interactive courses for your students, and its enhanced quizzes & community features are excellent at keeping students engaged.

LearnWorlds Features

Here are some exclusive features of LearnWorlds:

Flexible Courses: With LearnWorlds, you are just a few clicks away from creating profoundly engaging content for your digital academy. It turns your online courses into a meaningful and exciting learning experience for your audience. You can leverage the wealthiest learning activity library with, without a doubt, the most customizable lesson players on the market to create a highly flexible training experience that keeps the learners engaged.

Website Builder: LearnWorlds offers a stunning website builder for eLearning that requires no coding. With LearnWorlds, you can point and click through several ready-made, fully customizable elements to build your online academy without the dev time and hassle. Additionally, you can create multiple versions of your website in a flash for promotional offers.

Marketing Tools: LearnWorlds offers a powerful arsenal of marketing tools at your fingertips to maximize your sales. You can upsell and cross-sell with irresistible offers, plus structure products to give your customers more options. Additionally, you can sell the desired number of seats to an organization and give your customers the control they expect while reducing the administrative effort.

Analytics and Reports: LearnWorlds provides in-depth insights on your learning business impact. You can dive deeper into user progress, engagements, financial metrics, and course insights. LearnWorlds helps you delve into your learners’ content consumption data. You can identify bottlenecks and optimize content to improve course quality and performance. Moreover, you can automate report distribution and keep your crucial stakeholders up-to-date.

SCORM: LearnWorlds can play any SCORM or HTML5 package you upload, enabling you to deliver your online courses with greater ease and flexibility. LearnWorlds stores session data and allows users to revisit learning activities without the fear of resuming. Moreover, LearnWorlds helps you reduce the costs of content creation and LMS integration by allowing you to design eLearning content portable between multiple platforms.

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds offers 4 Pricing options for its online course creation and hosting platform.

The “Starter” plan is priced at $29/month and charges a $5 fee per course sale. It offers a custom domain, unlimited paid courses, a site builder, assessments, 1-1 sessions, and a built-in community.

The “Pro Trainer” plan is priced at $99/month and does not charge any transaction fee. It offers complete courses and landing pages, customizable course players, live classes via Zoom, and affiliate management.

The “Learning Center” plan is priced at $299/month and does not charge transaction fees. It offers interactive videos, bulk user actions, auto-transcripts, user segments, and course insight reports.

The “High Volume & Corporate” plan offers customizable pricing. It provides custom bulk enrollments, premium cloud servers, flexible invoicing, and tailored pricing options.

LearnWorlds Discounts and Coupons

LearnWorlds is currently offering a New Year discount of upto 31% on its monthly pricing options. You can save an additional 15% by opting for annual billing.

LearnWorlds Free Trial

LearnWorlds currently offers a 30 Day free trial for its online course creation and hosting platform. Moreover, you don’t need to input any card details to avail the offer. Input your email and school name to start using LearnWorlds free for 30 Days.

LearnWorlds, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your LearnWorlds account, it redirects you to the “Dashboard” section. You’ll see your new signups, revenue, product sales, active learners, and other details about your school.

Click on the “Courses” section to start creating a new online course or update the existing one. You can access the “Course Manager” to sort your virtual lessons.

Click “Site Builder” to build a website or landing page on LearnWorlds. You can select and customize the site design from the left menu bar.

Click on “Users” to manage access permissions. You can add instructors, reporters, seat managers, admins, or affiliates from this section. Go to the “Marketing” section to create bundles or promotional offers for your prospects.

Click on “Reports Center” to track user analytics, see the course progress of your students, or monitor sales and marketing efforts.

10. Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform and online course creation tool for knowledge entrepreneurs who sell information products based on their expertise. You can use Kajabi’s tools to turn your knowledge into a sellable digital product, offer it to your audience and earn revenue. Kajabi provides an easy way to build, market and sell online courses, membership sites, coaching programs, public or private podcasts and more.

The best part is you can forget complicated tech hassles like coding, plug-ins or broken integrations. In addition to hosting your knowledge products, you get an elegant website builder, a secure payment gateway, email marketing, powerful analytics, automation and sales funnels. Kajabi offers robust support and a community second to none.

Kajabi Features

Here are some exclusive features of Kajabi:

Online Course Creation: From meditation to personal finance, Kajabi has you covered with online course creation, no matter your passions or skillset. With Kajabi, you can create, market, and sell online courses all in one dashboard, turning knowledge into revenue in record time. Kajabis custom templates and user-friendly design tools make creating a mini-course, or even an entire signature course, fast and easy.

Payment Integrations: Kajabi offers a fast and painless setup for the integration of your choice. Kajabi only partners with the world premiere and most trusted online payment gateway to secure your transactions and process them swiftly. Additionally, unlike other popular platforms for creators, Kajabi never takes a percentage cut of your revenue.

Contact Management: Kajabi offers an inbuilt CRM that deepens your customer relationships with less effort. You can automate critical interactions so your prospects get better and faster service, creating a win-win situation for everyone. Kajabi’s CRM gives you the freedom to trigger emails and coupons. With Kajabi, you can tag, segment, and filter your customers using any criteria. Moreover, you can use what you learn from customer metrics, behaviour tagging, product engagements, and assessments to improve your marketing, automation and products.

Analytics: Kajabi gives you the best right metrics, organized in web analytics Dashboards you’ll use. With Kajabi, you can go straight to the most crucial data from every touchpoint. It enables you to track revenue, offers sold and subscription metrics without comparing numbers from one tab to the next. Additionally, with Kajabi’s in-depth reports, you can see student progress, subscription churn rate, and more to identify areas of improvement.

Funnels: You don’t need to be a funnel expert to use Kajabi, as it offers templates and ready-to-use playbooks that remove all the guesswork. You can customize and launch Kajabi’s pre-built frameworks for lead generation, product launches, or webinar funnels. You can connect several other sales and marketing channels into seamless multi-channel funnels. Moreover, each funnel features pre-written copy developed from the highest-converting sales funnels across the Kajabi platform.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi offers 3 Pricing options for its online course creation and marketing platform.

The “Basic” plan is priced at $149/month and offers 3-course creations, 3 Funnels, unlimited landing pages, 1 Website and 10,000 contacts.

The “Growth” plan is priced at $199/month and offers 15-course creations, 15 Funnels, 25,000 contacts and 10 Admin users.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $399/month and offers 100-course creations, 100 Funnels, 3 Websites, 20,000 customers, 100,000 contacts and 25 Admin users.

Kajabi Discounts and Coupons

Kajabi currently does not offer any discounts for its monthly subscription plans. However, you can save upto 20% by opting for annual billing.

Kajabi Free Trial

Kajabi offers a 14 Day free trial for its pricing options. You must provide your card details, but Kajabi will only charge you after the trial period expires.

Kajabi, A short how-to guide

Once you log in to your Kajabi account, you’ll enter the “Website” section. Here, you can access your websites created or integrated with Kajabi.

Click on “Products” to start building your courses. All your existing lessons or classes will also appear under this section. Go to the “Sales” tab to manage funnels and access the inbuilt CRM within Kajabi.

Click on “Marketing” to devise affiliate campaigns and see performance metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Go to the “People” tab to access your contact directory and see past interactions. You can click “Settings” to connect your existing domain with Kajabi.

The Best Online Course Platform, In Conclusion

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best online course platforms, we’d love to know your opinion.

Have you tried any of these tools? If yes, what was your experience? Did we miss any quality online course platforms?

Let us know in the comments.

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